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Has a Plan to Living in Washington, DC

America has 50 states in total. Among them the well-known and the biggest important state is considered as Washington D.C. Let’s us discuss some important questions which are aroused by the people to get to know more about living in Washington dc.

What makes you to live in Washington D.C?

Washington D.C has considered has the third best state in the country. It has almost 75+ museums and 160 monuments.

It quickly remains the ‘streets of history and art’. It actually high in population and being one the richest state in United states of American the hirings and job opportunities are on peak.

The state is very divine and delightful to live in.

There are many reasons beautiful reason to live or move to Washington D.C.

Let’s me rise another question

What’s the cost of living in Washington D.C?

As it has more population and demand in work load in any sectors may be private or government leads to less wages of daily or monthly income.

But then it also has 60-70 % of highly paid jobs for well and highly educated and experienced professionals.

So, relating to income chart, the monthly expenses that is the cost of living in Washington D.C is comparatively higher than the other states

But then, people who has moderate income D.C for a individual person also take small space of rooms to reduce their living expenses.

Living in Washington, DC

Comparatively looking on to the chart, the Washington versus (los Angeles, New York, Boston, California and Atlanta) has the highest and richest cost and expenses state in USA.

Okay now, the actually question is, can we live in Washington D.C in less expenses?

EXPENSES Cost in dollars ($) Per person for a month
Cloths$ 250 – 300
food$ 75 – 100
Public transport$ 140 – 150
Monthly house rentIn normal area of 480 sqft – $ 1655- 1750   In normal area of 900 sq ft – $ 2100 – 2200
Personal care$ 74- 80

The above table is estimated for an individual person for a month in the Washington D.C for a cheap and moderate cost.

The total cost of living approximately from $ 3300- 3500.

And coming next to pros and cons, I’ve mentioned about some of pros of Washington D.C

But what about the cons?

Here’s the funniest cons about the country

  • The bugs, yes you read it right. the 7th worst city in the country in presence of bugs like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes etc.
  • Traffic, one of the top 5th cities of worst traffic full in the country
  • Poor public school
  • Expensive cities
  • High tax

Living in D.C, there more beautiful places to visit and enjoy living there. Let me help you to list the top 3 placesin cheaper cost to visit them.

1. Lincoln memorial

Lincoln memorial

This memorial is dedicated to the 16th president of USA, the Abraham Lincoln

  • Entry free
  • Open anytime

2. Washington D.C monument

Washington D.C monument

This monument is built in the memory and to honor the first ever president of USA, the Washington D.C which is was kept as the state name.

  • Entry free
  • 9am – 10pm

3. National gallery of art

National gallery of art

From Medival age to modern age, this art gallery consists of different showcases and pieces by different talented artist across the world.

  • Entry free
  • 10am – 5pm

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