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Travel and Food


Someone whose peace and stability is travelling and exploring must know how important it is to stay healthy while and before travelling.  The foremost requirement of any successful trip is to stay healthy and in good spirits otherwise, everything is a waste. 

It is quite difficult to look after one’s health when there is so much to see, explore and try. But health requires equal importance while travelling. You must remember that good gut-feel can make your body feel good. So, to highlight this fact we have come up with 6 Easy ways to maintain a healthy diet so that you can enjoy your trip thoroughly and to the fullest. 

Let’s dive right in! 


Now that’s a blunder. You cannot skip your meals while you are travelling. Your mind might seem to travel with you and store all the memories but your body doesn’t need to know you are travelling. Any shift in the regular intake of food can cause your body to show sudden changes which can make you feel uneasy throughout the trip. So remember to eat your meals as and when you are used to having it. 


The temptation to eat is a real devil. Especially while travelling. When you are out in some new place with new things to explore, you are bound to try the new cuisines or food items which are special in that place. But remember to eat in small amounts and do not gobble everything up. The new food might take time to be digested and a large amount of it will put unnecessary pressure on your gut. 


This is a must. While travelling and even when you are not, you must drink a lot of water or fresh fruit juices to regulate your body temperature and to keep yourself hydrated. It also eases the digestion process and makes your gut feel better. It’s also good to eat fruits like watermelon, orange or grapes which have a lot of water in them. You can also carry fresh, home-made juices on the go. 


The places to which you travel might have a lot of delicious food but it’s important to ask and know what they are made of before eating. The prime reason for this is to know that they do not contain anything that might induce allergic reactions. Secondly, there are certain food items which take a little longer to be digested and can even cause acidity. This can be a real problem because the acidity can create havoc in your body, so it’s safe to know before you eat. 


Carry healthy snacks to munch on while you travel. It’s not appropriate to rely just on the local food for everything. You might be at a place where there are no local shops nearby and there is nothing to eat. At times like such, you must have some healthy snacks to keep yourself full and healthy. 

Also, this prevents overeating as you don’t feel very hungry after having them. This will ease the digestion process and make you feel good and vibrant all time. 


All the coffee lovers, this might be a little heartbreaking to read but this is the truth you must know. We realise that some people need coffee to wake up and stay focused.  But, excessive amounts of caffeine can have adverse effects when you are travelling. It makes your body feel heated and uneasy. It might also cause muscle cramps and slow digestion. You surely don’t want any of these things happening to you while you are travelling. So, remember to be easy on the coffee intake and rather drink fresh juices and water. 


A perfect trip is not a myth. It does exist only when you go to the right place with the right people and have a healthy diet. Travelling can be bliss when your body and mind are in perfect coordination and everything is happy and in high spirits. But for this to happen, you must care about what you eat and how much you eat. 

These tips can help in maintaining a good gut-feel and easy digestion process. Whenever you travel, you must resort to these ways to keep yourself healthy and happy. 

Other than that, Bon voyage! 

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