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Movavi Screen Capture perfect solution for travel videos

Have you ever wanted to edit those long HD travel videos recorded by you? At one point of time almost, all of us would have searched for a good hd video recorder and editing tool that doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket and has good value for money. Well, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is what you have been looking for. Movavi Screen capture studio allows us to record videos, video games, images and even videos from the Internet, edit these videos and add subtle transitions and other effects. So to start off with, it is one of the best low-cost alternatives of other high priced screen recorders but let not the price fool you. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is power packed with an arsenal of features.

In fact, it is so power packed that makes it a little complicated when getting started to use it. Thanks to the many video tutorials available online to get us started with it. After a small learning curve, you can easily use it to the fullest. Being a travel freak I had always wanted to capture, combine and edit my journey into beautiful videos and share them and this is the answer to my needs. It’s straight up to the point and gets the job done. There are many preset resolutions to choose from and it supports many refresh rates. As the quality of the edits increases the size and the time taken to save it increases. The best part is that, we can even live cast the epic moments that we come across during our travel without any fuzz.

The software has features like background noise removal, ability to add custom watermark, background music and title which make it stand out from the rest of the market crowded with free wares. But it has its cons too. We can neither crop videos nor schedule recordings and there are a few other minor issues. These minor issues aside Movavi Screen Capture Studio is one of the finest tools for your capturing and editing needs. It has one of the best help and support services and online help is excellent. The features are top notch and the value for money is excellent. It is so good that Movavi Screen capture studio has been my one-stop destination for my editing needs and it has never let me down. I would very much recommend getting this and right now they are even offering 50% offer for users who purchase it from mobiles, that’s one deal that one cannot afford to lose.

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