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Mysterious places on earth you can actually take a trip to

Mystery and adventure, we all get excited at the mention of just these two words and would want nothing more than exploring and solving it. While, there are so many mysterious, unsolved and debated places on these planet we would certainly want to visit, there is something about a risk of the unknown that always stops us. But, apart from these places there are also places we can actually go and have the experience of that something totally different and mysterious. So, here are few mysterious and surprising locations on earth that you can plan a trip to.

Magnetic hill, Moncton

So, what is so special about a small town in Canada that has people actually turning it into a tourist destination? Well, the answer is the magnetic hill or the gravity hill which causes any vehicle to drive down backward minus any power and ignition. No one could have imagined that a path that was constructed in 19th century would have something so unknown that it will take nearly a century to come into attention that at a certain point in the road if there is no acceleration then any vehicle would automatically roll down. Today, tourists in Moncton pay a fee to actually have this experience.

Longyearbyen, Norway

You have heard that in Norway the sun doesn’t set for six months, well, it’s true and a trip down to the town Longyearbyen is the best place to witness and experience this. Located in the Arctic sea, Longyearbyen is the largest place in Svalbard in Norway, and is quoted to be an important administration center. Established in the year 1906, the town from April to August doesn’t see the setting sun. It is no less than a wonder about how the people staying there manage it all with plenty of sunlight and a day which never ends into night. It is quite fascinating and interesting to spend a time in a place where there is no night, stars or moon.

Eternal Flame Falls, New York

You wouldn’t have though that there would be something so mysterious and yet amazing in the heart of one of the busiest and most happening city of the world. Well, it is there and it is famous too. The Eternal Flame Falls in the Orchard Park is the just sight to raise many intriguing questions in your mind. Beneath a small waterfall there is a place where the natural gas from the grotto lights up a flame. The view is wonderful in itself with a golden burning flame below the gushing water of the falls. While earlier it didn’t attract much attention, currently people visit this place to get just a glimpse of it. Study and research have been done by geologists to actually understand the various phenomenons behind this event. On contrary to any misconceptions, this flame can be re-ignited and also extinguished. But, it is visible almost all the time in a year.

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