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No Second Thought to Travelling if you are a Single Female Traveller

Women are known to be and also called as gem, but are they honestly treated like that? These words are only words, you cannot guarantee about the world when it comes to women. Although we say, world has developed a lot and women are treated equally in every phase but in actually this mentality still lags in many countries. Women are still not safe in most part of the world when it comes to working individually especially when it comes to travelling. Travelling involves moves to other countries for a long or a short tour either for working purpose or for a break. Travelling does involve lots of risks as you are not aware of other countries, their rules and also the people you will get there. It is still a big NO for females that think of travelling alone because of the safety purpose. Physical threat is one of the biggest reasons which lead to women reviewing their thoughts of going but it is not alone. Although physical threat is the main reason but there are many other reasons like, pickpocketing, hotel room theft and many more which are easier if a person is travelling alone.

If you are a female and you have same worries, and cannot plan any vacation just because you do not have a partner, okay then ask yourself, how long are you going to wait like this and keep yourself limited to your city? Do not let the Female factor or Lone traveller to come in-between you and your vacation. Although being a woman you cannot select any country or city to go to because of the crime but there are many cities where not only the crime is less but they are equally safe for lone female travellers and some of them are:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is known to be one amongst most beautiful countries and Copenhagen is its capital where you can find royal family’s Amalienborg Palace, Renaissance Rosenborg Castle, many parks and museums. The list does not end here as Copenhagen is also known for its building’s architecture and is also renowned for shopping, which ultimately makes it a complete package and a perfect place to go. As it is safe for women, it turns out to be the perfect place to travel to.

  • Ottawa, Canada

This is another city called Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada. As it is a multicultural city so you can easily find different people speaking different languages especially French and English. Ottawa is best for both summers and winters as it has park-lined Rideau Canal, so it is best for boating in summers and ice-skating in winters, which makes it a perfect place for every season. It also has grand architectures and museums which have noted collection, which are worth seeing. It is also a great place for shopping and one of the oldest and famous markets is By-Ward market which sees thousands of visitors every week.

  • Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is not only the capital of Finland but is also the largest city of Finland. It is one amongst the best places to visit as it depicts the complete history in the most beautiful ways. This work is done by its National museum where you can see the history from the Stone Age to present in very beautiful ways, and not only this, the building architectureand art galleriesare also worth watching. This place is also safe for lone travellers as it has everything to spend a pretty good short vacation, especially for lone female travellers.

  • Hilo, Hawaii

Nothing can best the beauty of Hilo, Hawaii which is also known as “Big Island”. It is one of the safest and beautiful places to go at because of its natural scenery which involves dramatic waterfalls, fertile rainforests and blooming gardens. It is a best place to regain mental peace and come close to the nature. Waterfalls, forests, gardens with volcano and state park makes it place of worth visiting as it is hard to find something like this with high security. Women generally avoid such trips if they are travelling alone but not anymore.

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