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Not Well-Known Travel Destinations In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a pretty popular travel destination, especially for those that love to avoid the beaten path. There are so many visiting options that are available, with locations that are rarely visited by tourists and even not well-known by locals. While most people interested in nature choose the spectacular bird watching sites in Sri Lanka, if you are interested in something lesser known, you do want to consider the following destinations.

Westminster Abbey

For the locals this is just the GovindaHela mountain but for tourists interested in discovering hidden spots and exploring the wild, it is a great spot to go to. August is the perfect month to visit, with your trip starting at the Sri Buvaneka Temple and taking you through the jungle. Many winding paths await you, with monkeys often seen around you, the caverns and the rocks that you see along the way.

Although the stepping stones you will see are great, remember that they are slippery because of dry leaves. This is why you want to have trekking shoes and be careful. However, once you reach the summit you will indulge in some highly panoramic views that force you to take the camera out and immortalize everything.


The picturesque countryside spots that Sri Lanka is known for will be packed with tourists. This means that those looking for secluded activities will not feel that great. Meemure is a much better destination for them since the village offers a great hike in areas that are rarely touched by tourists. You want to spend around 2 days in the area and you have to prepare for fickle weather. Going from sunny to rainy is common.

Even as you move towards Meemure you are going to be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. The foot path is rustic and paddy fields are present all around the jungle. You get a chance to see many deep pools, waterfalls, blue streams, jungle, mountain and much more. A preferred activity at the end of the day is organizing a bonfire to listen to some music as you are surrounded by the quiet woods.


Ritigala has ruins, legends, scenery and a glimpse into ancient day culture. It is practically a very old Buddhist monastery and the mountain here has the same name. There are four peaks to visit on the mountain, with really hot weather at the start of the trails and colder air surrounding you as you climb. Because of the nature of the sites here you will feel mystery in the air. Monastery ruins are visible on the mountain’s Easter side so you do want to take those paths.

Final Thoughts

Sri Lanka is often underestimated, mainly because tourists end up visiting the same areas over and over again. If you are looking for something different, the three options above are definitely great, especially for those that love the outdoors, trekking and history. Many other opportunities are available in Sri Lanka and numerous locations can be explored by eager tourists looking for an adventure.

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