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Packing Panic Attack: What to Take on a Weekend Trip

You’re taking a weekend trip, a reason to rejoice. Yet, some travelers add a few road bumps by packing the wrong way. Here’s what to take on a short, weekend trip so you can fully enjoy yourself and not stress about packing problems.

Take One Bag

If you can’t fit it in your carry-on or on your body, think twice about bringing it, or swap it for another item in your carry-on luggage. Taking more than you need leads to higher charges and unneeded stress. You’re only there for a couple days, so what happens when you arrive yet your bags were routed elsewhere? Take one bag and that’s it.

Grab a Plastic Bag

Plastic bags are great for holding toothpaste, jewelry, makeup, and other necessities. They won’t leak and you can reuse them throughout the trip. The larger the bag, the more items you can fit. Plus, a larger bag is convenient for holding worn clothes destined for the hamper once you get back.

Bring the Accessories

Fashionistas know one outfit can be showcased in tons of different ways through the implementation of accessories. Bring a range of accessories so you have more clothing options despite the limited number of articles brought. It’s tough to find room for more shoes and skirts, yet you can easily pack rings, bracelets, scarves, etc.

Plan Your Flight Outfit

Use creativity in selecting your attire for the flight. Savvy fliers know how to pack on the clothes and accessories as to save more room in their carry-on bag. Wear your bulkiest items on the plane, even if that means you are slightly uncomfortable. You can always take off a layer of clothing once you get on the plane. It’s a lot easier than having to pay more money just to fit added items.

Do Your Research

Research your destination ahead of time so you can save space in your baggage. For example, you may find your hotel suited with computers and phone chargers -two things you would otherwise pack. Plus, reviewing entertainment and dining options gives you a better idea of what you should pack. Use a search engine to see what other amenities are close to your Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel.

Shop for Travel Bags

Some clever inventions have spawned from the needs of travelers. Yes, even if you’re a meticulous packer, some clothing material is bulky and takes up too much space in your bag. Shop for compression bags that reduce the bulk of your load by sucking the air and volume out of the bag once it’s filled. Also, some bags feature cubes inside so it’s simple to organize and compartmentalize your belongings.

Bring Gym Clothes

Don’t create an excuse to slack-off when it comes to your fitness routine. Pack your gym clothes along. If you can’t fit your sneakers, opt to work-up a sweat in your hotel room wearing just your socks. If you get your sneakers in your bag, take advantage of your hotel’s gym facilities or search for a gym in the area hosting promotions.

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