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When you plan a vacation, the most important decision you have to take is to decide whether to fill up your trip with zeal and enthusiasm and explore things on your own or go with an escorted group travel to avoid any sort of inconvenience which might occur if you travel alone to a place you have never been before.

So out of the two, which is better? The answer is it depends on personal preferences and on a lot more things.

A very important determinant is whether you enjoy moments of solace alone and are willing to put in a lot more effort in planning and booking. For adventurous people, the good news is the widespread use of online booking services and the presence of informative travel blogs make the choice easier. This is especially effective because travel blogs provide first-hand experience and recommendations of people and the dos and don’ts of that particular city.

Some tourist-attracted places, such as places in Europe or Southeastern Asia, are more prone to tourists and developed accordingly. Going to such places alone is possible. However, if you plan on going to a totally new location about which you have got no clue, then an organized group will work better for you.

An escorted group travel is always the easier choice. Somebody does the research and choose the hotel location, correspond in different languages, look out for tourist spots, etc. A tour guide helps you become more informed about the place that you are visiting. Whereas, individual travelling gives you more sense of freedom and flexibility. You decide everything from food, lodging, visiting places for yourself at your own discretion, etc.

Any one way of travel isn’t better than the other. If you prefer making choices for yourself and are willing to put in exceeded effort and thought process into planning, then travelling alone is your thing. However, if you prefer to have everything already planned and done for you by somebody else, not putting in much effort, then escorted travel is likely to turn out better in your interest.

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