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Popular Roulette Variants You’ve Probably Never Tried

Most roulette players will never venture beyond playing European, American, or French roulette. However, they are potentially missing out on some of the more exciting roulette experiences. A host of top roulette games can be played if you are prepared to venture out and explore new horizons. We’ll show you just a few of the top roulette variants you can play at online casinos today.

Double Ball Roulette

As the name of this roulette variant implies, it is a game played with two balls on a single roulette wheel. A croupier does not drop the balls. Instead, a tube filled with compressed air blows the balls onto the reel. Although you’ve got twice the chance of success, the prizes are reduced, and the house edge has been adjusted accordingly.

Mini Roulette

This is a variant you probably want to avoid. The house edge on mini roulette is relatively high, and your odds of success are naturally low. The game is played with just twelve numbered pockets and a single zero, so it is built on top of European roulette. However, there are no racetrack bets, and the gameplay is fast.

Jackpot Roulette

There are a few ways that jackpot roulette games can be played. On the one hand, a number may be selected as a “jackpot” number. If you place a relevant side-bet and win on that number, you’ll pocket the primary prize. The other way is more straightforward – there will be a jackpot pocket on the wheel. If you bet on the jackpot bet, and it lands in the pocket (and no other), you’ll walk away with the top prize.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi-wheel roulette is another popular variant you can find online. You can expect to see several roulette wheels in operation in this game. Here, you’re essentially betting on several wheels at once. Playing with multiple wheels isn’t much different than playing blackjack with, say, multiple hands. While the potential for landing wins is greater (by the number of wheels you are playing with), the cost multiplies, too. This can be an expensive way to land a win, particularly if you are only winning even money. Then you won’t break even as the cost of betting on the other non-winning wheels will be greater than the return.

Lightning Roulette

Finally, we have lightning roulette. Here, bettors are looking at playing a live dealer roulette game. This release is based on European roulette. Aside from its human dealer and live video stream, this game stands out for another reason – multipliers. Random multipliers will be applied to every spin. If you are fortunate enough to land the relevant number (highlighted pockets chosen at random), then you could potentially have that multiplier applied to your winnings. This only applies to specific bets and not all wagers on the Lightning Roulette wheel.

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