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Private Jet Travel Is No Longer Only For the Rich And Powerful

The romanticism surrounding the private jet has been around since the Hollywood movies stars have owned or hired private aircraft to ferry them to film premieres around the world. This started around the 1950s as the post-war world had gotten used to the idea that aircraft would be the future of transport, and since the stars of the black and white screen, private accommodation in the air has quite literally taken off. Air Force One is synonymous with luxury, and bullish importance as a large aircraft exists solely to ferry the president of the United States around the country and the world. The rich and powerful also want this image of being untamable, jet set, exuberance and exotic lifestyle to show the world they have made it. It’s no wonder then, that many ordinary folk book private jets for honeymoons, anniversaries, weddings and holidays of a nature that would otherwise cause a headache and panic if flying in economy class. Sometimes even finding a good private jet charter can also be a headache, but luckily there are companies like that help you find the best ones. Busting the myths about private jet travel is easily done by countering misconceptions with factually stating the culture of the business.

Why book a private jet

Before you let financial doubts set in your mind, there are misconceptions about private jet travel you should not pay mind to. Of course, if you’re even thinking about booking a holiday with a charter private jet, you’re going to thinking about a personalized trip of a lifetime, to begin with. Therefore, you’re not looking for something cheap, but rather, you’re looking for something that’s accessible, convenient, luxurious and purely for a special occasion.

Price misconceptions

Passengers should ask themselves questions about their financial status and the proper paperwork before making any decision. You don’t need Trump money to book a flight as there are flexible prices and if you book carefully, your flight can, in fact, get you to your destination faster than any commercial flight can. The average jet is going to seat around 8 to 10, so the cost can be shared out among your friends or family, severely cutting the overall cost companies demand. On average, certain deals can run into 500 dollars per head for short range flights which are great for a domestic holiday or to a nearby island retreat. Far range flights on average can cost 2500 dollars per head, but considering the thousands of miles you’ll travel in absolute luxury, it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Photo Source – United States Navy

Is safety lacking?

No, the common misconception is that private jet hire companies lack the expertise and will relax their regulations and standards all in the chase for the almighty dollar. However, passenger fatalities occur rarely, and proper safety precautions are adhered to by the pilots and the engineers; many operating Fortune 500 companies have fleets that have spotless records. Truth be told, the accident rates per hour, show that private jets have fewer discrepancies than commercial airliners. This is because, for the most part, small jets are the norm and thus, aren’t as advanced as 4-engined commercial airliners. This means they have less moving parts, which means there’s less to go wrong. However, the avionics are just as advanced, and upgrades are frequently made. In fact, medium jets and prop aircraft are much more maneuverable than jumbo jets, thus can avoid storms, turbulence, birds and can handle sudden atmospheric changes better. Quite understandably customers want to know if proper maintenance is carried out on the ground while aircraft are being prepped for flight, and many companies will have their safety policy and standard practices readily available to bookers on their website.

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