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Reduction in the size of MP4 video for optimum storage management

Most of the modern electronic devices seem to be compatible with the Mp4 format videos. This format has innumerable features. Everyone would like to store many videos as possible. In general videos help to bring back your past memories.

Reasons to reduce the size of MP4 video

Compress the videos for a better memory management. Wondershare video converter is the right tool to establish this process without compromising on any factors. It helps to reduce the size of the video by retaining its quality. Each and every detail in the video has been preserved while compressing the videos to a smaller size using the Wondershare video converter. Wondershare video converter outruns other products in the market through its fabulous features and working procedure. Now you can reduce the size of the MP4 videos in order to increase the count of the videos in the memory location. Ensure optimum memory management in your electronic devices for long lasting life time. This compression process provides space for the future videos. You will not get annoyed at any moment due to lack of memory space in your device if you make it a practice to reduce the video size using Wondershare video converter every now and then. Make use of this software frequently to avoid inconveniences.

Apart from space management the smaller size videos allows quick transfer from one medium to another. The reduced video files take lesser time while copying it from electronic device to another platform. It can be easily attached to electronic mail without much difficulty. You need not wait for a long time to complete the transfer process. It saves a lot of time and space. Reduce the MP4 video size by following few steps using Wondershare video converter

Fewer steps for a size reduction process

The foremost pros of Wondershare video converter is that this software can be handled by everyone. You need not require any technical knowledge or special skills to complete this reduction process. It is enough if you follow few clicks to reduce the video size within short period of time. Have a look at the below discussed steps for a successful size reduction.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Wondershare video converter and download the trial version of the software to complete this size reduction process. In the official website click on the trial version button and install the software by following the instructions in the windows.

Step 2: Now add the file you are interested to reduce the size. Select the MP4 file whose size has to be reduced. Go to ‘Add files’ option located at your left side on the screen. You have to click on the ‘Add Files’ tab to include the MP4 file to begin the compression process.


As you can witness in the above snapshot an Mp4 video file has been added using the ‘Add Files’ Tab. As soon as you click the ‘Add Files’ tab it leads to the browsing window where you can navigate between folders to choose the right Mp4 video file which requires the reduction process. Now the screen is divided into two panels namely converting and converted. The converting panel comprises of the added Mp4 file.

Step 3:  To reduce the video size go to the dropdown list beside ‘convert all files to’ and select ‘videos’ label. You can witness a lot of options have been displayed beneath the ‘videos’ label. The options are categorized into left and right panel. From the left panel select ‘Mp4’ and in the right panel select the settings icon of ‘sd480p’. In the settings window select ‘small size’ tab below the quality label. Below the video label select the lowest value in the resolution and bit rate options by changing its default number and click the ‘create’ button to save these settings.


Step 4: In the bottom left corner you can view an ‘Output’ label. Browse the location where the reduced file has to be saved for future reference. After locating the right folder click the ‘Convert’ button displayed on your right bottom of the screen.


In the above snap shot the reduction process is in progress. The original Mp4 video file has been reduced to small size Mp4 video file for a better memory management and quick transfer process.


The entire reduction process is completed and you can learn from the above picture that grp_2.mp4 video file has been reduced to smaller size by retaining its format and quality.

The Mp4 video file reduction process has been completed successfully using Wondershare video converter software by following few clicks within a flicker of an eye.

Added features of Wondershare video converter

This software is really comfortable to use and it can be handled easily without any technical knowledge. Moreover it completes the tasks quickly with quality outputs. Apart from size reduction you can make use of this software to convert between formats. It supports more than 100 file formats. You can edit the video using special tools using trim and crop options and add professional effects to the recorded videos etc. You can use this platform to transfer videos from one medium to another and burn the videos directly to external storage. You can also convert WMV to MP4 in an effective manner.

Highly recommendable

As a professional I would like to recommend this product to bring realistic effects to the recorded videos. You can perform various constructive changes to the videos for better storage and compatibility. Hurry up and purchase the updated version of this software to enjoy its full featured benefits. It is available at reasonable prices in the online market. Make your videos creative and informative using this innovative tool.


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