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Rock Climbing Is A Complex Pursuit, But With The Right Information And Practice, You Can Make Rapid Gains.

Travelling is a basic instinct of man in search of food, shelter, vocation and specially entertainment. Since few decades, it is observed that travel industry is growing alarmingly. Many tourists are adventurous in nature and want to discover new areas, continents and people. They are no longer satisfied with the idea of going and sitting in beaches or visiting historical temples. Nowadays adventure tourism is gaining popularity all over the world. Rock climbing is gaining worldwide attraction for adventure tourist.


Rock climbing involves climbing up, down or across natural rock or artificial rock. Rock climbing is a fascinating adventure sport today due to the adventurous nature of tourist. It first gained popularity in UK, Europe and later in India. Rocks and mountain always pose a challenge to humans.  In the recent years there is increase in   adventure tourism, as a result rock climbing also gained popularity especially among young tourist. It is an independent mountain sport activity as well as an important aspect of mountaineering. Now advanced climbing techniques and better climbing gears and equipments have been introduced. Many govt. and private training clubs sprang all over the world to promote rock climbing. Rock climbing can be a complicated goal, but while using suitable details along with exercise, you can make fast gains. These types of internet pages deliver skilled suggestions about motion expertise, education, damage prevention, security, anchors, along with piece of string be work by rock climbers.

Benefits of Rock Climbing

One can gain confidence, personal satisfaction, immense pleasure, and develop tremendous physical and mental stamina, endurance and will power through rock climbing. It will raise your tolerance level to cope up with uncertainties. It will help us to keep fit and stay healthy. It helps us to relax and distress ourselves and say good bye to our hectic life. One learns to deal with the risk undertaken tactfully. It helps the person to come out of the comfort zone and discover their hidden skills. There is no age limit or special qualification for rock climbing. It requires basic physical fitness, knowledge of techniques or guidance of a trained, experienced climber, instructor and good equipment for safety.

Rock Climbing In India

The Indian Mountaineering Foundation has played a major in promoting rock climbing in India. Different state tourism departments are also investing in this field. They are taking steps to make adventure tourism a profit making machine by including this activity. India has vast potential in rock climbing.

Famous Rock Climbing Spots In India

Eastern Ghats, Aravalli range, Western Ghats, Vindhya Hills and Great Himalayas etc. are the excellent destination for rock climbing. The famous destinations are:-

  • Hampi- it is located 300 km from Bangalore and is very popular among locals and foreign tourists.
  • Kolkata- The main attractions are MathaBura, Susunia Hills, Purulia and Jai Chandi.
  • Around Delhi- LadoSarailocated in South Delhi and Dahuj are the main attractions.
  • Maharashtra-The Borivali and the Mumbra regions are ideal destinations.
  • Manali and Dharamshala are the famous rock climbing destinations in Himachal while Gangotri in Uttrakhand is very popular.

Types Of Climbing And Different Techniques

Aid climbing, free climbing, Bouldering, solo climbing, lead climbing, Bottom rope climbing and top rope climbing etc. are the various types of climbing usually preferred by tourists.

Crack climbing, face climbing, and slab climbing, simul climbing, via ferrata, grading system etc are the different types of techniques.

Govt. Role

Adventure tourism is one of the largest service industries which contribute to the national GDP. It helps to bring large amount of revenue in form of foreign currency. The government should promote rock climbing as adventure tourism among youth at regional, national or international level. The hospitality sector needs to be improved of each country to attract adventurous travelers. Various state tourism departments need to coordinate to promote rock climbing to derive financial gain.

What Should Be Done Before??

Proper training should be taken. There is a high risk of injury like calluses, cuts, burns and bruises. Always carry a first aid box needed in case of injury always carry required equipments like climbing shoes, climbing rope, harnesses, carabineers, helmet etc.


This type of activity should be highly promoted. Safety aspect should not be ignored in the quest of making profits by tour companies. There is a need to set up a department which will coordinate these types of activities, organize and support expeditions and supervise the tour companies at national level.

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