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Set Your Dream Holiday to Be Nestled By the Wonders of Mauritius

Mauritius is an exciting Island located in the Indian Ocean near Rodrigues and Reunion Islands. Endless beaches and clear warm blue colored turquoise waters with coconut trees are some of the identities of Mauritius that makes the location an ideal dream holiday destinations. Mauritius Island provides a great variety of wonderful sandy beaches as well as blue lagoons. Mauritius is known to be the paradise of Indian Ocean with huge lagoons lined with white sand worlds best beaches are the embodiment of paradise to all who want to enjoy the sun and the sea. Surrounding the Island, great strips of beaches deliver unbeatable relaxing opportunities.

Mauritius beaches:

The coastline of Mauritius covers approximately 330 km long and almost everywhere one can find attractive sandy beaches. The other great advantage of Mauritius is that the complete Island is enveloped by coral reefs that have formed large lagoons around. These lagoons are not just wonderful with crystal clear water, rather they offer calm water conditions, which is ideal of snorkeling and swimming. Most of the Mauritius public beaches are perfect for swimming, bathing and also ideal for scenic sightseeing and coastal walks. On most of these beaches, you are definite to find beach resorts as well as luxury hotels, where one can make highly exclusive accommodation.


Water sports in Mauritius:

Mauritius has everything to provide its water sports enthusiasts. Windsurfing, diving and kite-surf are some to take advantage that are especially favorable in winter. Divers appreciate the splendid underwater spots in Mauritius. Whether you are a PADI qualified or a beginner, you can find several spots that are perfect for diving across the island. If you prefer bodyboarding, surfing or kite-surfing, the island delivers a hoard of world renowned locations, including the most familiar one eye spot. With the covered lagoon and the year-round trade waves and winds produced by the coral reefs, the Island is the appropriate spot for windsurfing that is perfect for people including beginners. Water skiing and skydiving is also a very prevalent activity facilitated by all the hotels in Mauritius.

Land activities in Mauritius:

There are several adventure parks situated in wonderful natural endemic ecosystems throughout Mauritius for visitors to have an adventurous travelling. With number of courses of differing difficulty, where safety is imperative, the well trained, competent and caring guide welcomes adults, children and people of all sizes, shapes and abilities. Nature and animal lovers can enjoy visiting the animal sanctuaries.

Le Victoria Hotel

On and under water activities:

You can explore the diverse of flora and fauna underwater from any of the hotel in Mauritius. You can spy a host of species of fish, yet not getting wet. You can also dive at the deep waters can able to remain dry on a small submarine in an air conditioned, pressurized, comfortable cabin. Ideal conditions for admiring and exploring the astonishing underwater Mauritian seasides outside the lagoon are also experienced by the visitors to a greater extent. Shallow waters also provide ideal conditions for an ideal experience suggested for all.


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