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Some Amazing Trips to Take Before in Your Twenties

When you are in your twenties, you must try to visit as much places as you can because this time is considered to be the best time for exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Your twenties, especially the early twenties are the time when you are probably a student and you do not have a burden of supporting your family or fulfilling other heavy responsibilities. So take some amazing trips to some amazing places with a bunch of people you know and have new experiences.

5 Trip ideas for People in their Twenties

  1. The Yacht Week

Select your group of people, choose a destination, pick a yacht and gear up for the yacht week. The best destination choices for a yacht week can be Thailand, Greece, Croatia, British Virgin island and Italy. The Yacht week will give you a truly mesmerising experience as every day you will travel to a new place, eat different cuisines and experience different culture. Every night you will party under the stars with other people from around the world who are also on their Yacht Week.

  1. A Trip to Watch World Cup

If you are a soccer fan, then you must definitely take a trip to watch the Soccer world cup. But, even you are not a very big fan of soccer, you must still travel with your friends to watch the world cup live. Unforgettable parties and insane energy in the stadium will give you a very interesting experience and tons of memories to cherish. Moreover, world cup is great way to unite with people from all around the world.

  1. San Fermin Festival

You must definitely visit the San Fermin Festival before you enter your thirties. This festival is held every year in Pamplona, Spain. In the opening ceremony of this festival, you are drenched with flour, eggs and sangria in the morning. Your afternoon will go in wanderingin the streets filled with dancing and music. The most adventurous part of this festival is the following morning when you have to get up early for the “Running of the Bulls” event.You can either be an audience to this event or participate in it, it is totally up to you but you must definitely visit this festival once in your lifetime.

  1. Carnival of Rio De Janerio

This Carnival is said to be the Godfather to Mardi Gras.The Rio De Janerio Carnival is said to be one of the most happening and biggest parties of the world. While in your twenties, you must definitely plan a trip to this Carnival in Brazil as you will get to see the perfect blend of Brazilian art, music culture and celebration.

  1. Holi Festival

Take to trip to India during the Holi festival and it is a promise that you will have one of the most enjoyable time of your life. It is a festival of coloursthat celebrates love. People spend their time dancing and playing in the streets.

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