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Travel Tips: 9 Practical Ways to Stay Clean and Healthy While Traveling

A few places in the world have opened themselves up for travelers. Although some locations are open for travel now, it doesn’t mean that you should put your guard down already. You still need to be extra conscious of the cleanliness of your journey. After all, you still want to travel, and being debilitated from sickness isn’t how you get it.

People now need to incorporate more cleaning habits and practices when they travel. Although it’s better that you forego travel for a while, given the present circumstances, if you still need to go, you should stay clean and healthy. To help you out, here are nine practical ways on how you can stay clean and healthy even while you’re traveling.

Pack Your Disinfecting Supplies

The first step to traveling while staying clean and healthy is to pack your disinfecting supplies with you. Creating travel-sized disinfectants will help you disinfect anything while traveling. The simplest thing you can bring with you would be to pack some disinfecting wipes in your carry-on. You can use that to wipe down your items and anything you might interact with during your trip.

Aside from that, it would be best if you always had a hand sanitizer and a hand lotion with you. Use a hand sanitizer whenever you have to touch anything that you know a lot of people use. After that, use a hand lotion to keep your hands smooth because the constant sanitization can make it feel dry.

Always Keep Hydrated

You need to keep yourself hydrated while traveling because it can quickly tire you out if you don’t watch your fluid levels. When you’re hydrated and drink lots of water, the fluids you consume will help flush out your system—of course, drinking coffee or other drinks aren’t the best in making you hydrated.

One way to ensure that you have something to hydrate you all the time would be to pack a reusable water bottle with you. Not only will it ensure that you have a lot of water with you at all times, but it’s also eco-friendly. You’re not contributing to the trash all over the world because you aren’t buying plastic bottles.

Wash Your Hands Properly

There’s a reason why many people are espousing the benefits of washing your hands the right way. Make sure that you always wash your hands, especially after meals, using any public utilities like going to public bathrooms, ATMs, and the like. If push comes to shove, you can bring wet wipes and hand sanitizers and use them instead.

The minimum number of seconds that you should devote to washing your hands would be 20 seconds. That way, you can thoroughly get every corner and area of your hands that you might overlook. For example, the back of the hand, thumb, and wrist are parts that people overlook when they wash their hands too fast.

Stay Clean All The Time

Keeping up your hygiene and cleanliness is a simple way to remain healthy and clean during travel. Taking showers frequently, especially when you’re traveling and exerting yourself, is key to staying clean. Also, you should invest in skincare that you can bring with you while you’re going.

For example, investing in a facial cleanser and a moisturizer and sunscreen should be your basic skincare routine. While you’re at it, try not to touch your face as much as possible to stay clean. Since your hands touch all sorts of things around you, it might not be a good idea to touch your face.

Practice Safe Toilet Use

When you’re going to a restroom anywhere, you should practice safe toilet use to stay clean. As we know, public restrooms aren’t a spotless place out there. Indeed, the public restroom is when we realize how some people live their lives with poor hygiene. Therefore, you should practice safe toilet use when you use them.

When you’re out and about in a public restroom, plenty of wet wipes and a bunch of toilet paper will be your best friends. Try not to touch anything while you’re in there, but even if you don’t, you should still wash your hands thoroughly. Sanitize your hands as well since it’s still a public bathroom that you’ve been.

Eat Healthily Whenever Possible

Eating healthy is another essential to traveling clean and healthy. Travel doesn’t mean that you can get away with being careless of the food that you eat. Although you should be open-minded about what you eat in a foreign place, you have to make sure that you eat healthy food.

You don’t want to compromise your immune system right when you’re traveling, so eat healthy food every once in a while as well.

Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene is also a crucial part of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Make sure that you bring your toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Don’t forget to floss. If you want that extra level of oral hygiene practice, consider buying a mouthwash and bringing it with you.

If you don’t want to have a problem at the airport, you can easily purchase one at your destination.

Try to Stay Active

If you’re traveling for business, you might not be getting as much exercise as you should. When you’re traveling, if you’re staying at a hotel, try and make use of their gym facilities. You must try and stay active so that you remain physically fit. You can have more energy that way, and you build up your body strength.

Stay Clean in Accommodation

According to Maid Sailors’ cleaning services NYC, your accommodation should be your safe space when you’re traveling. It’s the one place when you’re traveling that you should be sure that you have a clean and hygienic place. Therefore, you should do the right steps to sanitize yourself before you get into your accommodation after being outside again.

For example, make sure that you keep your shoes near the door or beside it. That way, you don’t risk bringing in the dirt and germs you got from the outside.

Another thing you should do would be to make sure that you don’t place your suitcase or other baggage on the bed you sleep in every day. Your bag has been on the floor and has been to all sorts of places and situations during transit. Therefore, you should ensure that you don’t place it on your bed, so you don’t transfer the dirt and germs.

Traveling has changed a lot, given the present circumstances, and one of the ways it has changed the most is how we travel. We need to be more conscious of our travel hygiene and ensure that we remain clean and healthy.

The ways listed above are the essential things that you should follow to keep yourself clean and healthy. If you ever have to leave your home and travel, make sure that you apply these ways and practice cleanliness and respect for others’ right to sanitation by using these ways on your trip.

After all, you want to be able to travel in the future, and the way to do that is to travel clean and remain healthy.

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