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Switzerland: The Beautiful Kashmir Of World

Vacations or trips are very necessary to get a break from daily routine, get relaxed, time full of entertainment, fun or memorable moments. Switzerland is a lovely, elegant, beautiful place of world and it is just as beautiful Kashmir of India. Everyone enjoys the trip here, even women and children enjoy a lot here and it is a heaven on earth. This wonderful place is known for its mountains, chocolates & cheese especially for kids and has lots of unique features which attract the customers a lot.The main tourist’s attractions for women and children here are as follows:

  • Matterhorn

The beautiful peak Matterhorn lies on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It is one of the highest peak in the Alps. There are small patches of snow and ice and beautiful glaciers attracts a lot of tourists.

  • Chillon Castle

On the shores of Lake Geneva, lies the Chillon Castle and hundreds or thousands of tourists visit the castle every year. The castle can also be rented for private personal events.

  • Chapel Bridge

The Chapel Bridge is a 204m long bridge crossing the Reuss River and it is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. It is one of the main tourist attractive places. There are large numbers of series of beautiful paintings from 17th century and many paintings were destroyed in 1993 but quickly it was rebuilt.

  • The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is a major attraction for the children as it is a brightly colored scarlet train that crosses the Alps in the beginning of the town of Chur and ends in Tirano. The breathtaking sights of bridges, towns, glaciers,                 peaks and it’s a memorable trip which should not be missed by anyone and in the train the porters bring snacks and drinks directly to the seat.

  • Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe. Through the boat tour, the amazing lovely sight scenes can be really enjoyed. The women and children love to see the lovely beautiful basins, riverside castles, and waterfalls and there are platforms made to view the waterfalls sight very clearly from near.Here for children there are amazing playgrounds, adventure trail and historical museum region makes the visitor’s center a wonderful way to cap off the trip.

  • Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a crescent- shaped lake and it is a lovely holiday destination between eastern France and western Switzerland. It is a diplomatic hub with luxury shopping. It is a largest body of water.

  • Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo is a popular excursion destination. One can also enjoy the fun of underwater creatures to discover the vivarium. There are large numbers of indigenous and exotic animals which attracts lots of children and others.

  • Gornergrat Railway

It is a mountain rack railway, which is second highest railway in Europe, and it is highest open-air railway of the continent. It is the starting point for many hikes as it is surrounded by 29 peaks and several glaciers and Gorner Glacier is the second longest glacier in the Alps.

Thus, Switzerland is a lovely and beautiful place comprising of bouquets of beauty, attractions, adventures, amazing sight scenes.


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