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The 20 best things to do in Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo is home to around nine million people, though there are 20 million in the larger metro area. That makes it the largest city in Egypt. It continues to attract visitors, as well. You can get cheap Dammam to Cairo flights to explore the below best things to do in Cairo, Egypt. 

The Pyramids of Giza

This is probably one of the most heavily visited sites in Cairo, but they’re the only remaining Seven Wonders of the World. They’re almost five thousand years old.


Before the Great Pyramids, there was Saqqra. This is the oldest step pyramid in Egypt.


The Dahshur pyramids aren’t as grand as those in Giza, but they remain a wondrous archeological site. And it is less crowded. Yet it is a 30-to-60-minute trip from Cairo, so it isn’t too far out of your way.

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is older than the pyramids, and it remains mysterious. For example, they discovered new Ptolemaic statues near the Sphinx in 2018.


Memphis was the first imperial capital in Egypt. It is on the opposite side of the Nile from Saqqra. It has amazing stone temples and statues, and you can walk through them.

The Egyptian Museum

Are you interested in Egyptian culture? Then you’ll want to visit the Egyptian Museum, also known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. It has the world’s largest collection of Egyptian antiquities.

Salah El-Din Citadel

The Salah El-Din Citadel is a massive fortress built by Salah El-Din, hence the name. It is probably the most popular attraction in Cairo after the Pyramids.

Coptic Cairo

Before Egypt was conquered by in 646 by Muslims, it was Coptic Christian. Alexandria was one of the five patriarchates or religious centers of the ancient Christian church. You can catch a glimpse of that bygone era in Coptic Cairo in the Old City. This is where the Coptic Museum is located. The Hanging Church is located here, too.

Khan El-Khalili

Do you want to see traditional Egyptian marketplaces? Then visit Khan El-Khalili. It dates back to 1400 AD and still offers a great shopping experience. Stay at some of the cheap hotels in Cairo so you can afford to go shopping here.

Cruise the Nile

The Nile River defines Egypt. We would recommend taking a cruise on the river to see the sights and understand how this river affected the region’s culture.

The Nilometer

We’ve mentioned that the Nile is the source of life for everyone in Egypt. That’s why they track its ebbs and flows via the Nilometer. The one on Roda Island dates back to 861.

Al-Azhar Mosque

This is an ancient mosque, and the oldest continually operating university in the world is centered around it.

Ibn Tulun Mosque

This is the second oldest mosque in Egypt. It is modeled after the Kaaba.

Midan Hussein

The Midan Hussein is a large plaza next to Khan Al-Kahlil Bazaar. Hussein Mosque is on the north side, but what attracts many people to the area is the associated shrine. This building houses many Islamic artifacts.

Museum of Islamic Art

This museum arguably contains the world’s best collection of Islamic art.

Bab Zuweila

This is one of the remaining ancient city gates. You can climb to the top to get great views of Islamic Cairo.

Al-Muizz li-Din Allah Street

This street is lined by restored Malmuk era buildings. It is also home of the Madrassa of as-Salih Ayyub.

Al-Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park is a wonder, because this beautiful park is located at a former trash dump. The green district opens in 2005. And you can see the entire old city from here.

Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

Gezira is home to a lot of artsy boutiques. And it is home to the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art.

The Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower is 187 meters high. It was built by President Nasser. It has an observation deck that allows you to see the entire city.

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