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The Best Reasons To Visit Anyer, Indonesia

There are more than a few reasons to prioritize travel. Believe it or not, travelling is actually good for your health. It has been proven to reduce anxiety and make you happier. With so many stresses and strains in our everyday lives, it is not only important to prioritize travel…it is essential. To ensure your vacation is as relaxing and memorable as possible you will need to choose the right destination. The best place to travel? Anyer, Indonesia. The views are spectacular and there are plenty of incredible ways to spend your time. Here are a few reasons to visit this breathtaking town.

All Of The Amazing Hotels. No vacation would be complete without some seriously stellar accommodations. No one decides to travel halfway around the world to be uncomfortable day in and day out! Not to worry. Anyer is known for its extraordinary hotels. Since this is a popular spot for tourists to visit (thanks to those gorgeous views) the accommodations are definitely top notch. One example is the Aston Anyer Beach Hotel. Since it is right near the beach you can expect unforgettable landscapes everywhere you go. To find Aston Anyer Beach Hotel best deals be sure to look online. That is the best way to save money – without sacrificing the quality of your stay.


The Mouth Watering Meals. One thing your stomach will never do in Anyer? Rumble. Not with so many fantastic places to chow down! Your options really are expansive. There are many restaurants and cafes to choose from. Some offer delicious Japanese cuisine, others have tasty local dishes, and some serve traditional North American meals. Whatever your preference…. you can find it in Anyer. A few standout spots include Kembang Sari Restoran, Rumah Makan Muaro, and Midori Japanese. Try one of them during your stay. You won’t regret your decision to eat well on vacation.

The Fabulous Beachfront. There is an awful lot to see and do during a trip to Anyer, Indonesia. (Like visiting the historic Cikoneng Lighthouse. It stands as a memorial for the townspeople killed during the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa.) However, the most popular thing for visitors to do? Spend time at the beach. Anyer Beach is a world-renowned area, known for its scenic views and beachfront activities. Love to take travel photos? Update your social media accounts? Be sure to snap some pictures of the soft white sand, the deep blue water, and the picturesque palm trees.


Into adventure? Go snorkelling or diving. Are you in desperate need of a little relaxation? Then be sure to put out a beach towel, grab a good book, and work on your tan. That’s not all you can do at Anyer Beach! Other popular beachfront activities include swimming, jet skiing, riding on a banana boat, building a sandcastle, playing beach volleyball, and walking along the shoreline. However you choose to enjoy your day at the beach…every moment is sure to be spectacular. After all, Anyer is always an incredible place for travel lovers to visit.

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