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The famous museums that introduces the history and world

Museum are the best places that shows what the past was and how amazingly valuable is its importance in current’s times. There are not just some places to view the antique and old stuffs, but in fact they are the places where you get to know how the world was once and the talent of people in those times that are gone. After all, we all are at future only because the past existed. While some of us might think twice before going to a museum, there are few totally spectacular museums that would simply leave you stunned and wouldn’t ever require a second thought. Let’s take a glimpse of these museums which has the capability to spark an interest in anyone.

  • Smithsonian Museum, United States

There is no better place to know about anything and everything in an entirely spectacular way than the world’s largest museum. The Smithsonian Institution as it is called is located in United States and consists of 19 museums along with galleries and also a Zoological park. And, in case you think a day’s trip is enough to cover this vast truly amazing place then think again! Several fascinating and significant things relating to the American history and also the world history can be witnessed in the different museums of the institution. The major visited places are the Air and Space museum, American history museum, portrait gallery and African American history and culture museum.

  • Le Louvre, France.

If you have seen the movie Da Vinci’s Code, then you have surely seen the beautiful and grand le Louvre museum. One of the most famous and most visited museums of the world, the Le Louvre tops the list of every art lover. Yes, this is the place which houses the famous painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Le Louvre museum has a huge collection of paintings and sculpture of many famous artists that can be dated back medieval and renaissance period. The museum first opened two centuries ago in 1793 AD and was initially a fortress that was turned into a museum. Thousands of visitors from different corners of the world visit this place every day to view the amazing master pieces of art history. The Le Louvre architecture is also something that is completely admirable and splendid.  The Louvre glass pyramid in the front instantly attracts attention and admiration of the tourists.

  • Acropolis Museum, Greece

The Greek mythology and history has been a great subject of interest and fascination. And hence it is no wonder that the country is home to one of the most wonderful museums on earth. Unlike other museums of general collections, the Acropolis museum is mainly focused on archaeological findings and has many ancient rock collections and several artifacts from the Bronze Age amongst many other things. The Acropolis museum in Athens was recently opened to the public in the year 2009. Many artifacts recovered from several excavations sites in Athens and several other places in Greece are housed in this museum making it home to more than 4,000 pieces of exhibit.  The Acropolis museum itself is built on an archeological site and everyday  more than 9,000 people visits this  marvelous museum.

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