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The honeymoon resorts that you would like to be at

After the planning and all the chaos that happened the wedding of yours is finally done, the rings have been exchanged and the guests are going to their places. Wedding can be said to be the event which is crazy and nerve wrecking but gives a satisfying experience at the same time. Honeymoon is the final part of the dream come true event. If you do not select your honeymoon destination in the proper manner then you will miss half of the pleasure of wedding. Let us check some of the destination all around the globe that will make your honeymoon the best that you can imagine.

Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, St Lucia  

If you go here you will feel that you are in the  sprawling property which could be your ideal place for honeymoon in the Caribbean. There are 59 villas which are located on a hillside between the Piton Peaks, which stand like guards on the side of the beach. This is UNESCO region and it’s unfeasible not to be enthralled by the scenic forest and the splendid mountains. You can lay with your love on the vast terrace of your pool that is attached to the villa or you can walk along the coconut trees that line the beach and have your favorite drink. In the evening you can play casino inside the resort and have the fun and excitement along with your wife.

NIYAMA, Maldives

This stylish and chic new Maldives resort will offer you all that you need to have for a wonderful and romantic honeymoon. The sand beaches which are white in color, the lagoon full of turquoise will make you feel that you have been transformed to the land of the fairies along with your wife. At Niyama you do not have to go to your bed by 10:00. You can have fun and romance with your wife at the Subsix Per Aquumnightclub and also play at the casino if you wish to add more thrill.

However, if you are not looking to get out of your room or go down to the casino floor, then trying online casino site is a great way to engage in this action virtually.You can practice for free a variety of games like roulette and blackjack, or play for real money if you already know the rules and you don’t need to learn new tricks or strategies.

What makes this resort special is that you can observe rays and reef sharks through windows which are from the floor to the ceiling while you dance in the dance floor which is situated six feet below the sea. The Spa at the resort will help you and your wife to be rejuvenated if you wish to after the late night party that you may have. You can also watch the beach cinema and have your dinner at the restaurant Edge your morning drink at the bar Fahrenheit and also have romance at the same time.

Loisaba, Kenya

If you go to Loisaba which lies on the top of a rocky mountain within a 60,000-acre personal reserve you will feel like you have been transported to heaven. The suits where you will be staying is decorated in a manner that fits the outside and lying on your bed you can see across the mountain Mount Kenya. If you like more of romance you can spend a night which you will never forget, sleeping on the Koija star bed which is laid in an open platform letting you and your wife spend a memorable night under the stars.

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