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The importance of ventilation in horse trailers

If you have been working with horse for some time now, you already know that these animals don’t like to be confined to a small space. At any chance, they would like to run free! That has also been a reason why owning a horse requires the availability of big grazing fields and running space. The same theory applies when you are looking to carry your horses between places inside a trailer. The reasons may be many – competition, racing, treatment, sales, breeding purposes or just pleasure riding but as responsible owner, it’s your job to make the travelling experience safe, stress free and healthy for the animal.

Ventilation thus becomes a major consideration when choosing between horse trailers designs. Enough ventilation ensures continuous exchange of air and keeps the stall from overheating/overcooling and reduced chances of bacterial/mold growth. However, you will also have to consider the situation when travelling though bad topography and risk small particles in the air getting into the animal’s respiratory system. All of this requires that you take ventilation more seriously than the availability of breathing space.

The design of windows

If you are looking to buy a forward facing 3 horse bumper pull trailer, it is necessary that the front window isn’t too large. If you are travelling through narrow roads, be it in traffic or off-roading, nothing should come too close to the horse’s head. Also, a large window close to the head of the horse encourages the animal to panic and try getting out of the window. If you already have such a design, a grill can be beneficially installed for safety purposes.

The best way of ventilation in a horse trailers are high and big side and rear windows. They not only provide enough entry of natural light and air but also ensure that dust particles don’t directly enter into the stall quarters.

Horses generate a lot of heat and it is therefore necessary that the ventilation is designed in a way that air is both allowed to enter and exit the stall smoothly. Proper air circulation also ensures that the stall is kept dry and the ammonic gases let out by urine and manure is carried out without building up inside.

The roof space can also be used for vented air flow. Additionally, you can also invest in a high quality exhaust system that continuously removes the inside air and pumps in fresh air from the outside. An extension for your vehicles exhaust pipe will also ensure that the fumes are channeled away from the trailer and not hit it directly.

Horses are both strong and sensitive animals. Things like ventilation can g a long way in ensuring the health of the animals.

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