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The Perfect Shot: A Photographer’s Guide to Miami

Miami is a photographer’s paradise for a large number of reasons. Natural beauty is abundant in and around Miami. Along with nature’s picturesque gifts, Miami has beautiful art and culture. For professional and amateur photographers, the city is a picture-perfect playground. Armed with a camera head over to Miami to capture its sights.

The Beaches

If you have been waiting to capture the perfect sunrise, then head over to one of the Miami beaches before dawn and get ready to shoot. Once the sun has risen your day on the beach can be filled with motion photography. Miami beach surfers are the perfect models for practicing motion photography on. Beach sports also offer photographers a variety of subjects. Colourful beach gear and beautiful beach bods can be photographed with due permission. Check out the list of popular beaches in Miami and try to visit most of them.

Aerial Views 

Aerial photography is made possible if you book Miami jet helicopter tours. You can Book Miami jet helicopter tours that take you over the city and the coastline. After you Book Miami jet helicopter tours and make it onboard, you get to shoot panoramic images of the coastline and skyline. While flying over the open waters, you can take shots of the hordes of boats at sea. Carry the right lenses to help you zoom in on your subject. As you fly over the city, you can click aerial pictures of iconic buildings like the Vizcaya Museum and Garden. 

Underwater Shots 

From waterparks to dive spots, Miami is a wonderland for underwater photography. You can visit waterparks like the Venetian Pools to have wet and wild photoshoot. By taking a scuba diving trip, you can find the perfect underwater photography spots. You can Book Miami jet helicopter tours and charter services to help you get to Bimini Road for an eerie underwater shoot. 

Street Photography 

The city of Miami has been designed to be a treat for the eyes. Street art is very much a part of the city. You can shoot pictures of stunning graffiti work and art installations. The Art Deco buildings have been subjects of stunning photographs for decades. It is not only the buildings and art installations that can be the subject of your street photographs. The people of Miami are exciting subjects as well. You can find wacky and talented street performers. You can find unique strangers strolling the city. Always remember to ask for permission before shooting strangers.

Wildlife Photography

In and around Miami you can find endemic wildlife. You can Book Miami jet helicopter tours and scope out areas where you might find wildlife to shoot. Everglades is the perfect place to get pictures of snakes, birds, and alligators. Your dives can take you to coral reefs where you can take pictures of fishes, dolphins and even sharks. If you want to take pictures of wildlife in a controlled environment, then there still are many options. Jungle Island, Monkey Island, Miami Zoo and Miami Seaquarium are home to wildlife that you can safely get pictures of.

Get your photography gear ready, pack copious amounts of sunscreen and head to Miami for the perfect shot.


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