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India is considered as one of the biggest country with heavy population. Most of the tourist prefers to visit the country for various reasons as some of the tourist fond of many different festivals, religions, monuments, animals and many more. It is also the best place for getting the peacefulness with majority of the world tourism spot in the country. Many people like to get the best spot for their vacation with forest, beach, hills, snowy mountains, deserts and many more. It will be the widest option for choosing the top class spots for enjoying the food in each of the state.

Historical Places In India:

The World Travel & Tourism Council states that the tourism in India has been generated over 6.4 trillion with 6.6% of nation’s GDP. It also provides that India is the third ranking among countries that have the fastest growing tourism in the next decade. There are many types of tourism available in the country from Kashmir to Kerala. Some of the top tourist spots that are available in the country are Taj Mahal, Khajuraho Temple, Kerala houseboats, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib, Brihadeeshwar Temple or Big Temple, Mehrangarh Fort, Konark Sun Temple and many more. Many people are stunned about the famous monuments and most of the tourist visit here for gaining many knowledge about the temples and their structure in the best manner. The stunning tourism makes many people happy and India is welcoming more number of tourist in the country for getting the best ideas about different monuments as well as enjoying the luxuriousness found in the country.


Indian Cuisines:

Many people from across the world like to visit the country for enjoying the natural and healthy food served. The food cuisines various from one state to another and there are many varieties of Vegetarian and non Vegetarian food in the best manner. Some of the famous cuisines that is served are Mung bean dosa, Assamese Thali, Gatta curry, Palak paneer, Vegetable Handva, Rogan Josh, Bisi bele bath, full course Sadya, Pav Bhaji, Tandoori chicken and many more. All these will be very delicious so it will be the wonderful opportunity for you to taste these when you visit India. Some of the cuisines are traditionally made so that it will be easier for us to taste these traditional dishes in the best manner.



Many people love to come to India for learning the Yoga as it will give us the best strength to tackle any situation. Yoga is the traditional Indian art for making the mind and spirituality increased. Many also practice yoga for increasing their memory power so that it will be useful for excelling in the studies. There are also many programs conducted for the yoga training so that it will be easier for learning in the better manner. All the traditional ways are demonstrated for the tourist so that they can get the maximum benefits of the yoga in the daily life.

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