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The ultimate guide to visiting Dubai on a shoestring budget

It is a well-known fact that the Emirate of Dubai is one of the most lavish tourist attractions in the Gulf and considered a luxurious destination for many. And one of the biggest lies in visiting Dubai is that it costs a fortune to visit.

The truth is that one doesn’t have to be wealthy to go and enjoy Dubai. Like any other city in the world, you can go Dubai and really enjoy it on a shoestring budget. Traveling on a shoestring budget can be extremely fun and enjoyable only if you know the right places to visit and stay during your travels. This is why we decided to give you the ultimate guide for visiting Dubai on a shoestring budget where you will get to have a memorable trip at a surprisingly low cost. Let’s start!

1- Enjoy a spectacular scenery at the park

Enjoy the scenic surroundings at the public park, Safa Park which is considered Dubai’s largest and popular park. The park has a waterfall that falls directly into a large lake that has a fountain as well as touring boat. If you are looking to spend a quality time amidst nature, then you came to the right place. A family-friendly destination for big parties on a budget.

2- Use the metro

Dubai metro isn’t only the cheapest mean of transportation in Dubai, but also considered the easiest and safest modes of transportation. There are also cabins that are designated to only women and children. All of Dubai metro stations are located near key locations in the emirate so tourists won’t have to ride another mean of transportation to reach their destination.

3- Ditch big chain hotels

When visiting Dubai on a low budget, you should ditch staying at those big and fancy chain hotels that cost much. Instead, search for flats for rent in Dubai that will cost way less than staying at a luxury hotel and will also provide you with an easy access to all of the tourist attractions in the city. If you want to travel like a local, then here is your answer.

4- Soak up in the sun

Visitors from everywhere come to Jumeirah Beach to lay back and soak up in the sun. Named after the Jumeirah district of Dubai, Jumeirah’s beach with its white sandy coastline is one of the most enduringly famous beaches in all of Dubai. Whether you fancy swimming or not, this is a must-go by all means.

5- Pay a visit to Burj Khalifa

A trip to Dubai won’t be whole without paying a visit to the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. From the top of the observation deck that stands above 125 floors, you can witness the beauty of Dubai’s jaw-dropping skyline. You can also, enjoy a spectacular show from above as you feast your eyes on Dubai Fountain. It’s time to start ticking things off your bucket list!

6- Check the dancing fountain

When in Dubai, one should never miss checking the world’s second largest choreographed fountain, The Dubai Fountain. Enjoy an animated performance set to light and music to create an aesthetic design. At Dubai Fountain, you will get to enjoy a breathtaking show of sights and sounds for free.

7- Opt for cheap eats

The culinary scene in Dubai is diverse which makes it the perfect place for those looking to dine on a shoestring. Experience the exotic flavors of the world at Ravi restaurant, Shetty Lunch Home, Yalla Momos, Chaat Bazaar, Something baked, Al Mallah and many more budget friendly venues that are bound to make your taste buds scream with happiness.

8- Take a cruise

Have a succulent dinner with a view at Dhow Boat on Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek. The cruise also includes entertainment bits as well as dance and music shows, all while gliding past the breathtaking skyline of Dubai. At Dhow Boat, you will enjoy a fun-filled evening with your family amidst nature’s beauty and for a cheap cost.

9- Shop at souks

Dubai’s local markets are where you will get to buy all sorts of stuff but for a cheaper cost. You can head to Karama Market which is packed with fashion and accessory stores as well as traditional Karama Fish Market. This is where you will get the best deals in all of Dubai but they are all knock-off stuff.

10- Go for a walk

There are tons of places in Dubai where you can go for a walk and enjoy the breeze such as Dubai Creek Park, Burj Park, Mamzar Beach Park and Emaar Boulevard. But one of the most favored walk to many is Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk that offers a wide range of restaurants, boutiques, cafés, and shops where can window shop. Dubai Marina Walk is another place that features a lined boardwalk beside the waterfront.


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