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Three utterly famous places in Dubai that has the world going crazy

Over the years, Dubai has transformed from a city in gulf country to one of the most phenomenal cities of the not only the UAE but also the world. Plus, it has also emerged as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. If you look upon the history of this city then your findings will lead you back to as much as the 7000 BC. Today, Dubai is a whole new picture and a whole new story. And, here we are introducing you to the main three characters or rather the places that form the base of this impressive city in this story.

Burj Khalifa

Let’s began the list with the most recognized landmark of Dubai, Burj Khalifa. The world’s tallest skyscraper, it is also one of the most amazing buildings you will ever see. At a height of 829.9 meters, there are 124 floors in this skyscraper. Well-known businessmen and known people from across the world have paid in millions just to have floor in this spectacular building. At the 124th floor, there is an observation deck for the tourists, where the height might scary you a bit but the view of the entire city from the deck will completely render you speechless. Built at the cost of $1.5 billion, the place was opened on January 2010. Since then it has not only made new records but have also caught the attention of the world, making it one of the major tourist attractions of Dubai.

Burj Al-Arab

Well, Dubai does treat you to some of the best and exotic things! Nothing can beat staying at the world’s third tallest but most luxurious hotel, Burj Al-Arab. Built on an artificial island surrounded by water, just a glimpse at it and you know that this is one place where you would definitely want to stay or dine even if it burns a hole in your pockets. Burj Al-Arab opened for public on December 1999 and from then to till now it has been in limelight as one of the most stunning hotels in the world. Plus, the unique architectural design of the hotel in the form of sail of a ship has caught the fancy of the world. As much tempting it looks, the hotel is equally magnificent.

Dubai Museum

Yeah it is all understood if you not prefer a museum on a vacation but then the Dubai museum is something totally splendid and will surely grab your attention. The place is basically a fort, Al-Fahidi fort built nearly three centuries ago in 1787 AD. The place over the time has served as a residence of rulers, prison and even a garrison before begin finally getting converted into a museum recently in the year 1971. Quoted to be one of the oldest structures in the city, millions of people including tourists visit the Dubai museum yearly. The entire place represents the lifestyle, choice, artifacts and traditions of the United Arab Emirates, some of them dating back to even the 3000 BC.

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