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Tips for Choosing the Best Flight Seats

Traveling by flights has become quite common with people. And the sole reason behind that is saving time. Whether it is hopping from one destination to another within short distance or traveling in long distance flights – having a good flight seat is very important for comfortable journey. Many people think that traveling in business class flights as well as in first class flights are the only ways of traveling in luxurious comfortable seats. But it is not so. You might not know, but there are some highly effective tips, which help in choosing the best seats in flights. Read on to know about them:

  • When your concern is abundant legroom

Many people are not very concerned about the quality of the seat till they get a seat which has abundant legroom. This demand is mainly set by people who have long legs and need extra space to spread their legs comfortably. The best seat in flight where you can get extra legroom is to watch for the exit row than looking for bulkhead seat. The emergency exit seats are the best option in this regard as the rows of seats are located quite distant to one another for emergency access. The best thing is that there is no bulkhead wall in this area. Passengers with long legs can easily sit in these seats with their legs well spread out in the front. In many cases, an aisle seat can also provide the same facility.

  • Avoid back or front of cabin if you like to have a quiet journey

Many passengers like to have a quiet and peaceful journey and are happy listening to music or reading a book or watching a movie. For such passengers it is best to avoid seats towards the front and the end of the cabin. Usually the lavatories and gallery kitchens are present in these areas within the flight. Obviously these areas face congregation when compared to other places in the flight. Also the front of each cabin is allotted as bassinet crib positions for babies. Moreover, in-flight lounge areas and bars are also located towards in the back or front side of the cabin. All these cases make the area noisy and chaotic and might hamper the peace you are looking for.

  • Look for the smallest cabin in the plane

If you are traveling by a large plane, say a Boeing 747, you might be lucky in finding a small cabin hidden in some part of the plane. Usually such cabins have very few rows of seats. Larger planes have unique designs and the layout plans are also different. If the plane is a Boeing 747, such seats mean the upper deck in business class flights. However, sometimes economy or premium economy seats can also be found with such comfort. You will have to look for the seating arrangement available and then take your stand.

  • Keep away from flight doors if you need extra elbowroom

Many passengers like to spread out their arms and enjoy the magazine or the newspaper they are reading. And this definitely calls for extra elbowroom. If you are one such person, you must well avoid the seats near the flight doors as this area always feels the rush of passengers coming in and going out during boarding and landing respectively. Seats right in the middle of the plane are the best choice. But if the plane is full, getting a preferred seat might be a problem.

Now that you know the ways of choosing flight seats, you can select the one that suits your preferences in the best manner. Infact check the flight bookings say a week or few days prior to departure. You might be lucky in getting a great seat on the flight with practically no investment. Many airlines offer deals at last moments. Grab the opportunity and get a fantastic seat in the flight!

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