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Top 10 Kayaking Rivers of Michigan

There are plenty of rivers around the world for you to get the chance to kayak in.  However, the rivers in Michigan provide a variety of experiences for those that are really interested in kayaking.  We will go over ten of the best rivers.  There will be more exciting rides and more leisurely rides on this list so that you can really pick what kind of ride you want.

1.      Red Cedar River

Located in Lansing, MI, this particular river is a nice play to kayak because you can also take a tour of the city.  There are two rivers in Lansing that you will be able to get to easily, but the Red Cedar River is the nicest of the two.  If you’re looking for a leisurely time on your kayak instead of an intense one, then this will definitely be the right river for you.

2.      Platte River

In the northern portion of Michigan, you will find a river with two sections.  The upper section of the Platte River is rather exciting and more for experienced kayakers.  The lower section is a much more gentle river and perfect for people of all skill levels.  There are companies that will rent you kayaks and provide a shuttle service for you to get back to your car upstream.  This means that you’ll be able to go on your journey without worrying too much about getting all the way back to your car.

3.      Huron River

The Huron River goes through several areas of Michigan (including Ann Arbor) before dumping out into one of the lakes.  Because of the area that it covers, it makes an excellent place to visit.  There are a number of companies that provide kayaking tours through the river.  The areas that they cover are large and that provides a number of different experiences for you.

4.      Two Hearted River

Two Hearted River is a great place to go for a leisurely experience.  It’s even better for the kayaker that doesn’t want to spend a lot of time talking to different groups on the river.  It’s also a nice fishing spot at times during the year.  There area few homes and you might even add a camping trip with this as there are camping grounds near the river.  Overall, it is one of the most relaxing rides that you will find out in Michigan.  The secluded nature only enhances how relaxing it really is.

5.      Crystal River

The Crystal River is located in a similar area to the Platte River and offers an equally fun and interesting kayaking ride.  There are companies that rent out canoes along with multiple kinds of kayaks for use along the river.  While the ride might not be a day long experience, it is a pretty area with plenty of wildlife for you to see.  This particular ride is particularly suited for families that want a kayaking experience.

6.      Sturgeon River

Like the Platte River, the Sturgeon River offers a number of different areas with different skill levels.  That makes this river excellent for so many different people that want to get out there and try a kayaking trip.  The river goes through a variety of different areas, including along parts of I-75.  This river is excellent for people that want a difficult trip and also for people that want a simple trip with their family and a little bit of fun.

7.      Jordan River

Located in the Jordan Valley, the Jordan River is a beautiful trip to take on your kayak.  There are more difficult sections than with other rivers.  The easiest section of the river is roughly an hour trip.  If you are a little bit more skilled, then you can have a two or three-hour ride without too many problems.  Because most of the river is more difficult, you may find it difficult to take children on this particular ride.

8.      Au Sable River

The Au Sable River goes all the way down into Lake Huron, but there’s a lot that can be done along the river.  There are camping sites along the river for those that want to do multiple days of kayaking.  This river will allow you to see interesting sights and get a good experience out of the river.  There are plenty of companies that run trips down the river, so you’ll be able to find plenty of resources and rentals to help you get all the equipment that you need for a great getaway.

9.      Pine River

The Pine River is located in Manistee National Forest, so the area around the river is beautiful and natural.  The river is a great place for families to take a day to relax and enjoy the sights.  There are places along the river where you will be able to take a break and eat some food along the way.  This trip will be nice and relaxing.  The Pine River isn’t that exciting, so you shouldn’t have any issues along the river.

10. Big Manistee River

The Big Manistee River is considered easy to moderate when it comes to the skill level that you need in order to traverse the river.  This river is great for families and small groups that want to go on a neat adventure, but it might not be the best for those that want to really get the adrenaline running in their blood.  In fact, there are many spots along the river where you will be able to stop, get out, and spend some time with people that you’ve met on the water.  This will be a nice experience and very fun for people of all ages.


With so many cool places to go with my inflatable kayak, I had a hard time deciding which of these seemed the most interested to me.  I think I would most like to go out to Two Hearted River and make a camping trip out of the experience.  But if you don’t want to be somewhere secluded, there’s plenty of options on this list for you too.  I’d also like to take a trip on Red Cedar River and get a better view of Lansing.  There’s plenty of places where you can adventure.  All you have to do is pick one.

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