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Los Cabos, the beautiful province of Mexico is considered an ultimate destination to have a seaside vacation. With almost 350 days of sunshine every year, and nearly 1400 miles of coastline stretching from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is truly one of the best places to spend some time by the sea. There are plenty of luxurious and adventurous activities to keep you entertained during your getaway. However, vacations in Los Cabos are incomplete if you don’t spend some time relaxing on the pristine beaches you can find here. No matter what you like, a beach full of activities, people and parties or a beach hidden away from the world where you and your partner can cosy up, Los Cabos has everything in thestore. Here are five of the best beaches which you must visit while you spend your vacation in Los Cabos.

1. Playa El Medano


Medano Beach is probably the most popular beach in Cabo San Lucas, one of the two main cities of Los Cabos. The beach is known for its parties and entertainment. Extremely popular among spring breakers, Playa El Medano is a paradise for you if you want to spend some entertaining time on the beach. Apart from the music, dance and drinks – there are plenty of watersports for you to take part in.

2. Playa Del Amor


Playa Del Amor or the Lover’s Beach is completely opposite in nature compared to Medano. Playa del Amor is the secluded heaven of Los Cabos. Located at the iconic Land’s End or El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, this insanely beautiful beach can only be reached by boat. It is truly a paradise for couples, and you can spend a beautiful day here with your loved one. The water is clear and excellent for snorkelling and surfing. Walk through the path between the rocks, and you will reach the Divorce Beach. Located just opposite the Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach is much longer and boasts the same beautiful clear waters.

3. Playa Chileno

Undoubtedly one of the top beaches of Los Cabos in terms of beauty, a trip to Playa Chileno is must during your vacation. Chileno Beach is a quite popular family beach destination among the tourists as well as the local people. The FEE or the Foundation for Environmental Education has awarded certificate of excellence to Playa Chileno for its quality of water, safety and services. The crystal clear water makes snorkelling at this beach particularly enjoyable.

4. Playa Santa Maria


Located near Chileno Beach, Playa Santa Maria is not quite as popular as its counterpart. However, that doesn’t mean Santa Maria Beach is less beautiful in any way. This gorgeous beach stands apart for its horseshoe shape. Santa Maria boasts a white sandy beach with crystal clear waters. This protected bay also includes a marine sanctuary rich with aquatic life, which makes snorkelling at Santa Maria a must do activity while you are in Los Cabos.

5. Playa Palmilla


Playa Palmilla is most probably the ultimate luxury beach in Los Cabos. The first modern resort of Los Cabos was built here in the early 1960’s, and now the whole area is lined with luxury resorts and beachfront villas. However, by Mexican law, the beach still remains to be open to the public and a visit to this beautiful beach is a must while you are here. Spend a relaxing day on the beach or in the water, enjoy the beauty of the crescent-shaped beach and enjoy the various water activities Playa Palmilla has in store.

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