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Tour some of the best destinations in Britain

The elegance and the sophistication of the English people are something very few can compete with. And yes, that what makes Britain one of the most fascinating countries.  Apart from this, the influence it had on the world once to currently where it still wins the attention with its charms, Britain also boasts of some of the spectacular places and cities. Wrapped in English style with a class at par, these destinations make an amazing vacation spots giving you the best to explore the heart and soul of Britain.


The first place that pops up in everyone’s mind hearing Britain is London. Well, it is undoubtedly the most popular city of Britain and certainly the one which catches complete attention of every tourist.  The most important thing is to make sure you have ample time to visit this spectacular city. From the London Eye to the Buckingham Palace, you would surely want to see anything and everything that is amazing to this place. The rush at Trafalgar square, the Tower Bridge on river Thames, the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, yes, you have it all here. Amazing English food, nightlife, music and great shopping opportunities will sum up a mind blowing trip to London.



You might recognize and associate the name to the renowned Cambridge University and it is definitely right. Home to the world famous and one of the most prominent educational universities of the world, Cambridge is a university city.  It has a fascinating history dating back to the Bronze Age and Roman era. Plus, it was a major trading center during the Viking rule. For the art lovers, there are many galleries portraying different types of art including classic and contemporary. Other major attractions are King’s College Chapel, bump race on the river Cam, Anglesey Abbey and the famous Cambridge University Botanic gardens.




One of the most happening cities of Britain, Yorkshire is the largest by size in entire UK. Known for its marvelous scenic beauty, the place is also called as “God’s own country”. Touring Yorkshire not only introduces you to panoramic scenic beauty but also to an interesting history. Here, you will hear the saga of ‘War of Roses’ and the stories of ‘House of York’. Visit the magnificent York Castle Museum, the Forbidden corner and the popular Beverly minister. Reveal in the nature’s glory in Yorkshire Dales National Park, Nidderdale Hills and the North York Moors.


Lake District

Far from the chaos of cities and completely peaceful and splendid country side, Lake District is a well-known vacation place in Britain. Wondering where you might have come across this name? Well, if you are a fan of William Wordsworth’s writing then you will be easily able to make the connection. Inspired many poems, this place is where you will find some of the largest and deepest lakes of England. The mountainous regions combined with aqua bodies, it has the perfect picture of valleys, cliffs and fells. Visit the home of the famous poet William Wordsworth, go for hiking and trekking, dine at the locals restaurants and you have a vacation well spent and relaxed.



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