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Touring the Indian Battlefield which changed history

India is a land which has been ruled by many, and so battles and wars where not strange to this place. The quest for power, land and dominance, drove many kingdoms and kings to declare war against each other. While most of the battles have been lost in the pages of history, there are still few which have been made immortal. Today, we might not know the intensity of those battles but we definitely have the battlefields telling the saga of those wars. Here is a glimpse of some of the prominent battles ever fought in Indian history.

Kurukshetra, Haryana

The most epic battle of Mahabharata is considered to be fought on the soils of Kurukshetra. While it’s completely mythological, the region of Kurukshestra is the battlefield that till today draws the attention of the people to its name. In the present day, Kurukshestra is a city in the Indian state of Haryana and is said to be named after the King Kuru of ancient Bharata dynasty. It is said that Emperor Ashoka made this place famous by turning it into a global learning hub. The delivery of important and most pious Hindu book ‘Bhagvad Gita’ was done here in this land when Lord Krishna taught it to Arjun during the battle. That very site is now known as Jyotisar. We may not know whether the battle of Mahabharata actually happened or not, but it is true that Kurukshestra is one of the most fascinating battlefield you can actually visit.

Panipat, Harayana

Yes, you have heard about this place a hundred times, and it is actually one of the famous battlefields where three battles have been fought which changed the course of history. Panipat in Haryana has a very significant importance in the Indian yesteryears. The first, second and third battle of Panipat are well-known war stories. Also known as the “City of Weavers”, the first battle of Panipat in 1526 AD saw the beginning of Mughals as a power after Babur won the battle against Ibhrahim Lodi. Panipat witnessed the second battle very soon in 1556 AD, when Akbar went up against Hemu and ensured that Mughal Empire stays strong. Two centuries later in 1762 AD, the Maratha dominance in India came to end in the third battle when they lost against the Afghans. So yes, Panipat has history and stories written all over it which will leave you intrigued about the past that lead us to where we are today.

Haldighati, Rajasthan

Located on the Aravalli ranges in Rajasthan, the battle of Haldighati witnessed a great warrior clashing with a powerful emperor. Maharana Pratap and the mughal emperor Akbar went up against each other and declared a war which was fought on Haldighati. Maharana Pratap chose this place as a battlefield due to narrow passes and probably displayed the best example of guerilla war. The battle occurred in the year 1576 AD and although Akbar won it, he was highly criticized for it. The battle of Haldighati turned Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak into immortal names in the hearts of Indians. The place has the samadhi of Chetak and is a major tourist attraction of Rajasthan.

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