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Tourism In India

With secularism and culture India has fascinated many people and country all around the world. There are many things in India which attracts the tourist which comprises of the following like, places of religious interest, beaches, historical monuments etc. Besides this India is also famous and very well known with regards its arts and craft through which every region is identified. Some such are as follows music&folk dances, handicraft& fairs. Both domestic and international tourism is promoted in the country by the department of tourism. For the promotion of tourism in India, many measures and recommendations have been made by the tourist advisory board. Indian tourism in the country has already been much developed and needs a further more development as there are many hindrances which affects the tourism in India, for example, terrorism.

One of the industries which are growing continuously and very fast is the tourism industry which plays a pivotal role in the flourishing of the country. And everyone knows that India is very famous for the destinations from all over Asia. India ranks first in all over Asia for its tourist destination. Some of the major features of the country are as follows-

  • India is surrounded by the three sides with water i.e. Arabian sea, bay of Bengal, Indian ocean and it offers many places to see and many sports stuff to do
  • India is also bounded by the Himalayan ranges in the North
  • The backwaters in India is worth seeing
  • There are many hill stations and table lands along with other landscapes which makes India a very beauteous country
  • Also, the historical monuments, forts etc. adds to the glory of the country which attracts tourist from all over the world.

India is also the foreign exchange earner and comes in 2nd position and it also the country employs large number of people which comprises of skilled and unskilled artisans etc. The industries in India which benefits a lot comprises of the following kinds, travel agencies, transport industries, airline industries and hostels.  International integration and understanding has been so far developed by the through or with the help of tourism which also includes foreign exchange and also cultural activities.

India has an amalgamated culture, which is all inter-connected and mixed. Art, religion and philosophy is well mixed with each other which give an outcome of an awesome culture. Since ages certain religions have existed and influenced the culture and art of the country such religion comprises of the following like Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism&Sikhism. Due to all this religion India has been fascinating people from all around the world since so many ages. What enchant the tourist are the diverse geographical locations and it also comprises of the following –

  • Monuments
  • Museums & forts
  • Sanctuaries
  • Places of religious interest
  • Palaces
  • Every region is identified with its handicrafts
  • Fairs & folk dances
  • Music & people

These are some such places which attract the tourist at large numbers and are the places which are worth visiting.

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