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TRAVEL- One after Other to Stay in Healthy Mind and Body

Travelling doesn’t mean covering long distance; if you walk and cover small distance then it also comes under travelling. It involves travel by bicycle, automobile, train, boat, airplane or other means, with or without luggage.
Travelling is a real fun and has positive results be it health or mental status. But some people are extremely passive about travelling, they don’t find it beneficial; may be because in past they never had a good travelling experience. It is absolutely fine, yes it is, because next what you need to do is just to have some prior preparations and all will be more than just fine.


Why travelling is important?

There are so many reasons and below I have listed some for you:

• Makes you well-rounded human being: While you travel you face different situations and makes you eligible to resolve them. You come across different people and this makes you more social.
• Makes you meet yourself: With all the opportunities and difficulties you get a much clear thought about yourself and you learn a bit more of yourself.
Healthy social relationships: When you travel you meet different people all over world and interacting with them increases people in your address book and bring you in theirs.
• New languages: It helps you to learn different languages and it is fun to know people, their languages and their life styles. You get to know a bit of every language and you can relate them; a word with different- different meanings.
• Gives you perspective: Meeting people from exotic cultures will make you learn how you look at the world is not the way everybody does it. It gives you a dose of higher thinking.
• Works as a transition gap: Whatever you are doing travelling gives you a break in between; if you are working then it’ll be more like relaxing and if you are studying it’ll be like exploring places and knowing more about it. It gives a wide view to look at relations, peoples and life.
• Informative: Exceptionally good for the students because what you read in books or on internet is slightly different what you see in there yourself. It helps students to explore more and to learn every bit of it.


• Temporary change: Travelling give you a temporary different lifestyle. Helps you rejuvenating your old schedule and start with something new. It will make you realize that you have got only one life and you should live it to its fullest.
• Stories: Sounds funny but it is also an interesting part of travelling. You will find so many different stories. They may seems to be nostalgic at the time of happening but when you will return home they’ll bring smile on your face and those memories will be everlasting.
• Different cuisines: Yummm….. Now tell me what will be better than this, when you can give your tongue different taste. May be you will search for the same dish or taste in your country too in future.
• Gives you courage to take challenges: Travelling challenges results in making oneself more confident about life and to take up any challenge and WIN it!

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