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Travel: Pros and Cons

Each and every aspects of life has pros and cons, though there may be chances of more pros less cons or less pros more cons. Similarly there are many ways of spending time and from it one is travelling. Travelling also has many advantages and disadvantages. The various advantages of travel are as follows:

Advantages of Travel

  • Enhances new experiences

Travel always adds to new experiences and while travelling we meet many people and listen to their perspectives and come to know about many new ideas, concepts. We come to know about new places, cultures and traditions etc.

  • Gives chances of meeting new people

While travelling we meet new people, come to know about their thinking and their viewpoints and then we know that there are other people who are struggling much more in their life and by seeing their problems, our problems are minimized.

  • Chances of visiting interesting & beautiful places

Travelling gives us a golden chance of visiting new places and sees the beauty and aesthetic look of that lovely place and enjoys. All these beautiful places are always admired and reside in minds of travelers as warm sweet unforgettable memories.

  • Valuable learning of different cultures & traditions

Travel gives us bright chance of learning about new cultures, traditions, rituals and ceremonies. We come to know about new lifestyles, food habits and living styles.

  • Increases knowledge &curiosity for exploration

When visiting different places, we come to know many new things and gain much information about that place. It also increases the curiosity to learn more and gain more knowledge by exploration.

  • Builds strong bonds with family & friends

Travelling with family and friends together helps in building strong bonds with them by spending time together. It gives unforgettable sweet warm memories.

  • Gives a new perspective

Travelling gives the best way to gain new perspective, we meet different people and know about their viewpoints, their problems and how they are facing it then we also learn a lot and feel that our problem is very petty.

  • Learn about aesthetic beauty of nature

We enjoy the aesthetic beauty of nature, love it and enjoy the natural beauty of mountains, rivers, sweet chirping of birds, howling of animals etc.

Disadvantages of Travel

  • Expensive

If planning of travel is done in an unplanned way, then it would be very expensive and it would add worthless costs without any need and it would be totally full of hustle and bustle.

  • Hectic & Causes Fatigue

Travelling also causes fatigue and sometimes it becomes very much hectic.

  • Causes illness if tiring

Sometimes travelling is very much tiring and it leads to illness and hectic schedule may cause damage to health and leads to many health related problems.

  • Lots of unseen expenses involved

If travel in not well planned, then lots of unseen expenses occurs which adds to unforeseen budget.

  • Wastage of money if unsatisfied by trip

Lots of money is wasted, if travelling is done in an unplanned way and it is full of hustle and bustle.

But by proper planning and management, travelling can also become free from hastle, hustle & bustle and its disadvantages can be reduced and then everyone can enjoy the fun of travelling.

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