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Traveling Health Risks: Hotel Water

Hotel guests, both vacationers and business travelers alike, don’t often think about what could be lurking in their water. Even if your hotel checks all the boxes of excellence, there is still a chance of illness exposure to guests from a quick swim in the pool or a relaxing evening in the hot tub.

The infographic attached blow details critical information for hotel guests and travelers regarding the many different risks that can be associated with a hotel stay. This information is particularly poignant for those traveling with children or underlying health issues as these become even more deadly. The two major health risks that plague hospitality settings are Legionnaires Disease and Cryptosporidiosis (otherwise known as Crypto).

Legionnaires Disease is a disease caused by the Legionela bacteria. This disease is a potentially fatal condition that people were widely made aware of due to one of the first largely publicized breakouts in 1976. During the stay of guests at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia, 182 became infected and 29 would later go on to die. This spurred the coinage of the disease’s name. The bacteria thrives in improperly treated water and is most commonly transmitted through the air. In order to prevent the spread, hotels must carefully monitor their water and HVAC systems to most throughly decrease the risk. This is why it is particularly risky for travelers, as you’re depending on the management of the property you’re staying at to maintain their systems and uphold this standard of quality. Your best defense while enjoying your stay is to avoid hot showers, hot tubs, and other scenarios where you may be exposed to damp air and water droplets that originate from the hotel.

In contrast to Legionnaires’, Crypto is not a disease that very many are aware of. This disease is caused by a common parasite, known as Cryptosporidium, which is known to cause severe diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. This parasite is mostly commonly found in water that is shared between many people, in the case of hotels: pools and hot tubs. If you plan on using these recreational pools, it is important for travelers to consider how to avoid exposure to the parasite, and be smart enough to avoid spreading it to other guests.

These aren’t the only dangers that you may be met with in the hotel water. Other dangerous microscopic contaminants can be found in the water as well. This is particularly true in certain regions of the world. This is why it is imperative to do your research about the water-health situation of your destination before traveling. If you happen to be concerned about the drinking water wherever your traveling, always elect to drink from bottled water and use the tap water sparingly.

For more information about hotels and the water health risks travelers may face, as well as how to avoid them, please continue reading the infographic provided below; courtesy of LiquiTech.

Hotel Hygiene: Watch Out For The Water

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