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Travelling In India: A Must Know

India is a country which is gifted with a lot of beautiful and attractive tourist destinations. And there are people worldwide who are fascinated with the beauty which India offers as compared to the tourism all around the world.  India is famous for some of the following things which comprises of the following. –

  • Rich and varied heritages
  • Historical monuments and forts
  • Beaches and religious places
  • Hill stations etc.

There are many places which India offers. India is also known for its unity and diversity; it is amalgamated with many other forms of culture and tradition. Besides this, another big and pivotal reason as to why India is famous for its travel is religion. India is the only place which houses many religion under one roof i.e. India. Off late there are many countries which are trying to be like India. But India is unique. India is a place worth travelling with many religions and languages. It is full of surprises which you are yet to discover. Some such are as follows in brief –

  • Handicraft
  • folk dances
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Music
  • classical dance
  • dress
  • eating habits
  • living style
  • languages

The above are the one’s due to which India is famous and it gives rise to many tourists in India. The tourism in India is well promoted and along with this we should also be thankful to the film stars in India who have promoted India on the international level. The tourism advisory board is the one promoting tourism in the industry. Our country is famous for international tourists also. And every year there are lakhs of foreign tourists who visit India. There is so much to see in India that either one has to come here with 1 year holiday or keep visiting again and again to see the complete India, which already many people have started doing.

The neutrality of our country is also very famous. Our country is from four sides bounded naturally with the Himalayas and the seas, The Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. There is also wide range of sight seeing which the tourist can do and enjoy.

The other varieties of stuffs which the people can do are seeing the diverse geographical scenes, see the monuments and the museums and the forts. Along with this people can also view the sanctuaries and other sorts of various kinds of religious places. Besides, this India also offers palaces, handicrafts and other forms of fair & festivals which are worth seeing and witnessing. It also includes classical and folk dances. Along with this they can also enjoy the music and languages and many other kinds of folk dances.

If you are a sporty person then also you would love to come in India and enjoy the sports. Some such fantastic sports which you would like to enjoy is as follows-

  • Water sports
  • Sailing and scuba diving
  • Rafting and skiing
  • Mountaineering
  • Houseboats
  • Winter sports etc…

Are some kinds of sport activities which you can enjoy and will love to do.

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