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Travelling teaches us a lot

Travelling is an essential activity of the lives of all. Only thing is that different people travel for different reasons. It is often said that adversity is the best teacher as it is able to teach a lot to us. Similarly, travelling is a great teacher who teaches us new experiences to us. Travelling opens up new doors in our mind and we see the world in a completely different manner after we travel a lot. Travelling can alter our methodical thinking and enrich our capabilities and understanding of the real world.

Many people in our generation have never lived their lives out of the comfort zones. They have always been given a life of comfort where they have to live. Such people will never know what happens in the real world and will not be able to solve such problems as they themselves have never been in such problems. The problem of staying in the comfort zone is that you will not be able to think properly if by any chance you are forced to come out of your comfort zone. Travelling can make you come out of your comfort zone and you have to sort certain issues on your own. This brings more maturity to the thinking process hence, it is essential to travel. In fact, travelling alone is a great exercise which can teach you many things in life. When you decide that you are travelling on your own and you do have only your own company then it means that you have just said goodbye to your comfort zone.

Travelling allows us to spend time with ourselves. We generally so much involved in our lives that we always stay busy with something or the other. Although the technology should have been used to make us free but it has really made us busy. So it is important that e find enough time to spend with ourselves and stay away from the business of the lives at few times. Planning to travel all alone at times can provide us the much needed time that we should spend with ourselves.

When we follow a regular pattern of lifestyle, it creates a neurological pattern in our mind which makes or develops automation in lives. So after a period we don’t live life in hours and days instead we live it in automation mode without realizing that the beauty of life is in enjoying the minutes and seconds. Travelling will slow down time for you as you have jumped out of the routine for some time. Travelling will teach you the importance of living in the moment.

We have general knowledge which has been accumulated from the books or internet. But while travelling, we practically meet people of different countries, religions and belief systems which will enrich our knowledge about different things of life from practical experience. We all are born and entitled to live for a certain period on this beautiful earth. If we do not spend time in seeing its beauty then we might miss few things that god had intended for us to enjoy.

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