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UK’s most remote locations

Nowadays many people want to live their life far away from the modern world. There are many remote locations across the UK which proves appealing for the people who are looking to get back their independence from the modern world. At Flogas, a gas cylinder supplier ensures you have more off-grid energy options. If you want to get away from hustle and bustle of urban life, you can check the outcomes of the UK’s most remote locations and what makes them great place to live near.

Fair Island, Scotland

Fair Iceland is the part of Scotland that is famous for its society spirit, way of life of people and natural world. It is just three miles long and one and half s mil wide. It is the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom. With area of 3 square mi (7.8 km2), making it the tenth largest Shetland island owned by the National Trust for Scotland. Fair Isle has been occupied since Neolithic times which are amazing because of the lack of raw materials on the island, although it is surrounded by rich fishing waters.

Because of its small size, there is less to see and do around the fair island.  They have a world famous observatory for scientific research around bird migration and seabird colonies. To find the huge collection of artifacts there is memorial centre and museum that offers a glimpse into the location’s rich past. There is even a golf course, one of the most remote one across all of the Britain.

The Knoydart Peninsula, Scotland

This 55,000-acre site is so isolated and you can only reach it by either boat or foot. It is situated between Loch Hourn and Loch Nevis in the Lochaber district of Scottish highlands. It is one of the last great wilderness areas in Scotland.  There are many best places to explore in Knoydart with heart-pumping mountains to hike, sandy inlets, and so much breathtaking places waiting to be discovered. Inverie is the main settlement on the peninsula, which has a resident population of 98 adults. It is the place where you can find region’s primary school, community shops and a post office.

Foula, Shetland, Scotland

Foula is situated 20 miles to the west of wells in the Shetland Island. Foula means Bird Island, is one of the largest colonies of great skuas or bonxies across Britain. Foula is the place of huge 1,200 foot high Da kame and a beautiful wildlife. These cliffs are so high that you can enjoy the clear day view from their tip all the way across neighbouring.

The Holy Island Of Lindisfarne, Northumberland

The holy island of Lindisframe is the birthplace of England’s Christian heritage. The place is so beautiful that can cut you from the rest of the world twice a day. There are many things to see and do in the island like lindisfarne castle since 16th century of structure, Lindisfarne Gospels and with so many beautiful places in island one cannot stop themselves to explore this place.

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