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As electronics advance at a rate that is difficult to follow keeping up with the constant flow of electronics may see to be an impossible task. As more and more gadgets and devices hit the shelves every year we see several long cherished devices become useless and get rendered obsolete. This handy guide will help you determine which gadgets are no longer worth your consideration and which ones are not quite obsolete yet.

Fax machines

Fax machines first hit the consumer market in the late 1980’s. The first models were loud, slow, and impossible to use. If you operate a fax machine on a regular basis you know that not much has changed since the 80’s. Most scanners, copy machines, and printers have all but rendered the modern fax machine useless. Many office devices are have the ability to scan and transmit documents. If you run a small business or company fax machines may be a necessary evil but for home use avoid this costly money trap.


We all heard it in high school: “You better learn this now, you aren’t going to have a calculator with you your whole life”. Much the amusement of the consumer, and to the bereavement of high school math teachers everywhere, smart phones all have calculators on them. Standard desk calculators have all but been rendered obsolete by smart phones. Purchasing calculators is usually a waste of money as a free app is usually available to suit your needs. If you have a child in high school or college a high tech and expensive graphing calculator may be needed to complete their work. Although smart phone programs exist that eliminate the need for a graphing calculator most schools have banned these as cheating is on the rise with the use of smart phones.


In the days of multi-functionality a simple watch may seem like a complete waste of money. Aside from an antiquated fashion accessory what use can they possibly be? Most electronic devices display the time as a default setting, so why spend money on a watch? Thankfully Apple has developed a watch that pairs to the IPhone and allows users to quickly check Facebook, phone calls, messages, and headlines without pulling their phone out. Head on over to Groupon Goods Consumer Electronics for excellent savings and deals on iWatches.

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