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Where to enjoy the best coffee in Italy

The twentieth century had barely set in when Luigi Bezzera, the owner of a factory in Milan, looked for ways to reduce the time his employees spent taking coffee breaks. It was 1901 and he was convinced that, by introducing pressure in the elaboration of the drink, the time would be shortened. The result, which he named the ‘fast coffee machine’, produced the best quality coffee for its time;the espresso.

With continuous improvements since then, coffee is still one of the symbols of Italy, either in its short and intense version, or in its more placid variant, which is none other than cappuccino, which adds milk and milk foam to espresso, as well as a touch of cocoa or cinnamon. The pause to taste it cannot be missed during a getaway to the transalpine country, and good options will not be lacking. Of course, we have selected the ones that the Italians consider the best so that the experience will be unforgettable.


  1. Caffè Milano (Via Dante, 13). In Milan there’s so much to do but trying the coffee is a must. In Caffe Milano the espresso is worshiped with a bar decorated with dozens of cups, milk jugs and other gadgets from the world of coffee. It’s impossible not to notice its mountain of sugars. They serve it fast and at its right point of taste and temperature.
  2. CaffèZucca (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II). Open since 1867, it was Verdi’s favorite place to have a drink and today it remains a reference point in the most important arcade in northern Italy. It’s known as “A corner in which the ‘espresso’ is confused with bags of the leading firms in the world of fashion”.


  1. Sant’EustachioIlCaffè (Piazza di S. Eustachio, 82). In this small Roman cafe they have been serving espressos since 1938, and they do it with a secret formula to create their own mix of coffee and toast, for which they use a 1948 grain toaster. It is difficult to find it anywhere else.
  2. Ancient House of the CaffèTazzad’Oro (Via degliOrfani, 84). One step away from the Pantheon, here they’ve been serving coffee since 1944 and only use grains from South America and Central America to create their blends. You can choose between different strength and intensity options, including an extremely caffeinated and intense one.


  1. CaffèPiansa (Via V. Gioberti, 51). An authentic Florentine institution, as they have their own grain roaster, which they then distribute among other, selected coffee shops.
  2. Gilli (Republic Square). It is the quintessential café, with its Art Deco décor and which opened its doors in 1733, with a Swiss family as owners. It is in the best location in the city and the atmosphere is always exquisite, just like the sweets and chocolates that can be ordered to accompany the coffee.


  1. CaffèGambrinus (Via Chiaia, 1/2). This luxury coffee shop opened its doors in 1860 and since then, has been an institution in the city. Just to drink coffee in its delicate porcelain is worth every penny. The espresso is fascinating, in its right flavour, temperature and strength.
  2. Intra Moenia (Piazza Bellini, 70). The lovers of the letters have a small treasure here, because it is a literary café opened in 1989 andas a café, they have their own publishing house. Perfect for after touring the city, to take a break with calm and espresso.


  1. Caffèdel Doge (Castello, 6034). In this cafeteria they roast and create their own mixtures, allowing you to taste espressos of different intensities. In addition, grains of the best quality are used. You have to try the Giacametto, which is a mixture of coffee with gianduja, cocoa, nuts and cream.
  2. TorrefazioneMarchi (Cannaregio, 1337). It is one of the best places to taste authentic Italian coffee in Venice, but it will be fast and standing, as there are no tables or seats. It is more of a business selling coffee, which is roasted inside the premises.

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