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Where to go during Christmas this year

What are you planning this Christmas? Just staying at home and enjoying or going out with family and friends and enjoy the Christmas in a different manner. If you are planning to go out then here are some places that you can try this Christmas.

Time stops in Prague during the Christmas. You will feel like you have been transported to your childhood days if you are in Prague during Christmas. The streets, lakes and the people all around make Christmas special here. If you want a romantic Christmas along with your partner the boat tip in the lake will fascinate you.

Want to be in the land of Christmas? Then you have to be in Lapland. The excitement rises when you find Santa during Christmas in his own house. There are lots of excitement that awaits you there. Igloo hotel is one. Yes, you can spend your days in an Igloo hotel. Just imagine living the life of an Eskimo and having cakes and pastries that are number one in the world. You can even try fly fishing or husky safari if you wish to spend more. Don’t forget the northern light that is visible from here. So, don’t you want to be there during this Christmas?

Don’t leave out Leipzig from your travel list. It is in Germany and the things to talk about are the Christmas market and the culture that you will be able to see here. It has excitements waiting for your kids too. You will be welcomed by 250 stalls that will offer you the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones and the tasty food will be an added experience. Want to know some of the food let us see some like reindeer sausage, fresh salmon and freshly baked pretzel. The children will be enchanted by fairytale forests and the Santa gifts they will receive. Don’t forget to taste the German Beer if you choose to be there this Christmas.

Krakow in Poland should be your next stop. If you want your Christmas to be surrounded by cultural treasures you must be at Krakow. The special Christmas cribs are made by combining the concept of a dollhouse, gingerbread house and the local scenery. They almost look like small Saint Mary’s Basilica. You will see lots of these in the competition that is held every year. The food and wine will also amaze you.

If you do not want to leave your country and be in India during the Christmas then also there are many places that you can travel to.

Shillong is one such place that you can be during Christmas. The Cathedral church over there attracts tourists from far and wide to attend their midnight mass. The gospel music, the local dance intermingled with the tasty North East Indian food will make your trip an enjoyable one.

How can you forget Goa during Christmas? The Christmas carol, the cathedrals, the carnivals along with the sun bathed beaches make Goa to be the ideal destination for you this Christmas.

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