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Who is changing lifestyle: Quality or Overpriced brands?

Who say when the quality is high then its prices will also be and if it is of high price then its quality will be also good? It is only the mentality which we humans have created. Earlier, there were no such things; high-quality products were available in affordable prices so that every person can make use of them. But, now the scenario has changed the value of money is decreasing because of which there is a constant rise in the market and its products value.

Lifestyle category involves many things like, living standard, home décor, hospital, health, and many more. Basically, lifestyle includes each and everything that can define the standard of your living because standards are not only shown by the costly interior of homes or by branded clothes. Health also comes under this because how much you stay fit defines how much you actually understand the meaning of lifestyle and its importance in life. But, some people have confined themselves and their lives to the show-off status. It is because they compare their standard of lifestyle with others in form of who prefers overpriced bands and who is not so that they can match each other standards.

A normal human mentality says if a product is available in high price and the same product of some other company in cheap price then the very first thing which clicks our mind is the doubt on their quality. I am not saying overpriced brands do not provide good-quality products but this does not mean a not-so-known brand will not provide a product of good-quality. There was no such thing when people were more dedicated to relationships not in showing-off but not people are bending towards their level of lifestyle and show-off world. The rise of the lifestyle word has two sides: one is bad and the other is good.

The good side of lifestyle is people are getting more and more aware of new things, styles and many more things that are increasing their living standard and simultaneously reducing their work. More and more machines and medical studies have been doing and are also going on which are helping in reducing the death rate. Because of change in lifestyle the lifestyle of the country changes, the more people become advanced the more their country gets recognised. Increase in lifestyle accessibility to all those things which were hard to reach earlier, and that is why advancement in lifestyle is considered to be good.

The bad side of lifestyle is that people are involving themselves more in competition because of which the importance of social life has reduced. Earlier, there were no competition and no show-off factor which led harmony in-between families but now no one can see a better thing with others. They always tend to have a competition feeling of being better than others, not because they want to increase their standard but it is all because they want others to be lesser than them.

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